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Documents sent 5 days ago but still no verification


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So Unibet was suggested to me via Youtube by one of the senior poker players, I register with the site, add some funds and then get banned from playing.

I recieve a notification that I bneed to upload spome douments, which of course I do, we are now on day 5, still no verification, still account is blocked from playing and above all else, still holding my money which as far as I can see is more akin to theft rather than anything else.

Why do UNIBET think its ok to hold players funds when we are prevented from playing, As im a reasonable human being, I understand the need for checking that players are who they say they are, I get that players need to offer Unibet relevent proofs, but what I dont get is why Unibet feel its acceptable to wait for a player to fund their playing account and then freezer thier account, NOT 100% SURE THAT THIS IS Legal.

can someone advise and what the best course of action is or should I just report the site to my bank and move back to GG poker, as they seem to operate legally.

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