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Table not regrouping/repartition of tables not done directly or wrongly


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These bugs are happening very often  and its really annoying.

Today again, in the €1saturday stack tournament, registration was over, we were 6 players left and the software kept dividing us in 2 tables insead of one table with 6 players. (at some stage, we were 4 at our table, 6 left and reg closed, and the program put us in 3/3 ....)

We had to wait that one player finally lost for the final table to form.

This happens in all kind of tournaments, not only this one. Its very annoying when the right number is there (6 or 9 players) and the table doesnt regroup !

Also, when the tournament starts, there is the annoying bug where 2 players are put on a new table and other join only after 3-5 hands...also very annoying:  table balance should be direct, not happening one by one but at once to avoid all desequilibry. Can't the program move all the necessary players at once,in equilibry,  like it happens at the end? it shouldnt be that hard to do the same during the game when there are changes.

I also mention the recurring bug where you are changed from table to table and get charged the blinds 2 or 3 times in a row. Its especially annoying when approaching the end of tournament and you lose all your stack because of huge blinds taken several times in a row (this should never happen )

Is there any chance all those bugs are gonna be resolved in the new version of the software?  

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Yeah it's really weird that tables balance this way. Just adding my observations to the playing headsup for a bunch of hands even though there are plenty of players bug. The way balancing works in this case, from my observations watching the other table in a 2 table tournament:

- step 1: 1 player gets moved with the newly registered player (a table gets created/opened) 

- step 2: those 2 players start playing HU until the other table ends the next hand (which will take much longer on an almost full table than HU) 

- step 3: 1 hand ends for the big table (more for the small table) , the next BB gets moved, next hand starts

- step 4:  those 3 players start playing until the other table ends the next hand (which again takes longer on the bigger table) 

and the same process repeats until the tables are balanced

The whole balancing process should end the moment the first hand ends and the newly registered player gets seated (like on most other poker sites). It's something to consider modifying in the new client if it hasn't been done already. I personally don't mind short handed play at all but I can see it being a very bad experience for most players.

The idea behind this system might not be that bad in tournaments with hundreds/thousands of players in them but when a ton of tournaments only have 1 to 3 tables then it's really bad. 

PS: A lot of these HU matches when there are 10 players in a tournament just end up with one of the players busting by the time another player gets moved there to start his own heads up match :D 

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