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Ante post non runner


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Hi guys, I had a bet on Altior at the start of the week as I knew he was racing on Saturday and as I was working on Saturday I didn't want to miss or forget to bet on him.. obviously it was an Ante post bet which I don't think I've ever done before.. but what I hadn't realised or even thought about was... what if he was was a non runner!!

And to my total dismay he is a non runner and after checking on google why my bet is still open and i haven't been refunded my bet for other bets.. I read that unless stated it's a lost bet.. I can't tell you how gutted I am if this is the case as I wasn't actually aware this was the case.. I can 100% say I wouldn't have done the bet had I have known this.. surely this is very hard on punters.. it's not like I was offered 10/1 and told if it's a non runner you lose your bet..


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