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Chat from custommer service


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Please see this chat. Is this how Unibet are ? 

Ana-Maria: Perfect
Ana-Maria: Thank you
Ana-Maria: Just bare with me please :)
Tim: Or explain why Unibet are sending offers i cant use
Tim: LIke bonuses to a blocked account
Ana-Maria: Yesterday you sent us the pictures of the card, the verification of the document is performed within up to 5 working days (Monday-Friday) by the Security Department, as soon as this verification process is completed, we inform you by e-mail

Ana-Maria: Your account it's noy blocked

Ana-Maria: What error do you get? :(

Tim: Can i use and still play ?

Ana-Maria: Yes

Ana-Maria: You can deposit and play

Ana-Maria: But you can't withdraw at the moment

Ana-Maria: Untill credit card it's verified

Tim: And keep the money if i win?

Ana-Maria: That's all

Ana-Maria: Yes

Tim: And the Money Will not be confiscated if i win ? or taken by Unbiet in any shape or form ?
Tim: Reason for asking is last guy i talked to at unibet said NO you can not play

Ana-Maria: Well this credit card it's on your name so everythink ok from our side
Tim: So please send and email to my registreted email and explain if i can or not

Ana-Maria: In this case it's better to wait for the credit card to ve verified
Ana-Maria: To be verified

Tim: Maybe i should look else where for Gambling is the safest ?

Ana-Maria: It's your decision
Ana-Maria: I don't see any problem regarding for you to play on this site
Ana-Maria: Because your CC *4928 it's on your name

Tim: But there are a risk that you will confiscated the winnings and so on

Ana-Maria: So you did not 
violated the terms and conditions

Tim: And block trhe account
Tim: Takes a way a little bit of the fun


Ana-MariaI can't know for sure at this point
Ana-MariaOnly the Security Departament will take this decision
Ana-Maria: But you did not do anything wrong at this point
Tim: I will post this chat in a forum, Maybe somone from Unibet will take a lokk then
Ana-Maria: Allow us to verify your credit card
Ana-Maria: And then we'll inform you
Tim: Yes. and i will post my two chats with to differnt answers. So other people or maybe Unibet will take there time to look into it.
Ana-Maria: Perfect :)
Tim: Hope you can understand how f... up you guys customer service are
Ana-Maria: Yes I do understand
Ana-Maria: Anything else I can help you with?
Tim: two differnt answes
Tim: and so slooooooooow
Ana-Maria: I know :(
Tim: Is there any managers working there at alll
Ana-Maria: Yes, off course
Ana-Maria: Can I give you more information at this time?

Tim: Ask them to try to verify at Betfair or any off the others
Ana-Maria: Allright
Ana-Maria: Will do that
Tim: Yes, Please transfer me to a manager
Tim: so i at least can know if i can use my account or not
Tim: Is that so unresnable
Tim: Can you send and CLArafication REGARDING THIS
Ana-Maria: I'm afraid there is no such possibility
Tim: So your answerrs is : I dont know on the first answer. And on the second i cant help you
Ana-Maria: Please just wait for your card pictures to be checked
Ana-Maria: Thank you! :)
Ana-Maria: Have a lovely day!

Ana-Maria,has disconnected.

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I don't see nothing special in this chat. Of course it is irritating that you can't make withdrawal at the moment, but it's all standars procedures. If you are sure that you didn't break any rules there is no reason to worry about confiscating your money. Of course we can ask @ReCorpH  to help speed up verification a little bit as he did a lot of times.

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Hey @Whysohard, I've raised the priority of your case so we can hopefully have it sorted faster.

What comes to that chat, customer service can not give you an answer because they do not have one. They can not say what will happen to your account before the verification process has been completed and the team doing it has made a decision. As long as everything goes by the rules there is absolutely no reason for us to close your account nor confiscate any of the money, that's not how we run our business. 

You are welome to play with us even when the verification is ongoing. If you have issues with some specific bonuses, let me know and I can take a look. :)

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Then i will just wait.  The unserty took away the fun in playing. Hope you guys can understand when i ask the livechat if i can use my account i get No and Yes. 
And you say yes how is my garanteies for this when nobody can send and email conferimg what is right.

Should i say a guy on the forum said i can use it and the chat sdaid no/yes. No that will not work for me


Iam a Norwegian player for people wondering. Maybe something to avoid.  The chat is talking about withdraw to my Visa card. That's where we are at. It's not possible for norwegian players to do so. Strange for me as a custommer to must inform livechat about rules and regultions in scandinavia.




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I think you're twisting the words a bit here.


You were told you could play. When you wanted the agent to guarantee that your account wouldn't get suspended and funds frozen, she said that she can give no such promise, and if that's what you're after, you better wait til the verification has been completed.

I think this is a perfectly fine answer. She obviously can't guarantee anything, before the process is completed. And when you're demanding a promise to be made, she plays it safe and advise you to wait, as she should.

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Today i won the possiblity to cash out. Got just the same feeling as when winng a big bet.

But this time i got the possiblity to get my deposit back. Hope Unibet can take that to heart.


And to all other people. just tearing there hair out waiting on unibet. Hope youu win the possiblity to cash out some day.


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Congrats, well done :D

The average document case takes 24-48 hours to be concluded, from we receive the requested. Everyone gets to withdraw their winnings, as long as they haven't violated any rules, so it's not really a win, but happy to hear you got the money :)

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Google Unibet Withdraw.  Not like i am making it up.    So i take this as a win. Really i do.

Couple of google searches and you can see that i iam within the lucky ones that get to cash out.   By far the worst experince i have had on any online casino.

Such a shame when they have the best soulution for betting.

The absoulte worst custommer service.!!!!!

I have watched the casino industry for years. Always been thinking why is nobody streaming from Unibet? Showing how great it is.

Reason for that can you see here on the forum. 

If you are waiting for unibet for anything keep on waiting until they have tried every way possible to take your money then and only then maybe the will send your money by snail mail to a account that cant recive it 

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@Whysohard, you can find people violating the terms on all sites, for then to complain about withdrawals. Google any bookmaker and you'll see the same results :)

As the only bookmaker we're not afraid to be transparent and answer in public, and there's obviously a reason you don't see that kind of case on here - just like you're attempting now, it's all about trying to harm the company instead of solving the issue at hand :)

There're quite a few people streaming Unibet poker. Not many streaming casino, as we don't offer suspect deals, where the streamer will give the impression they've got something to lose, when it's not actually the case :)


Again, I don't get your issue with the CS chat, as explained earlier.

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I am just telling my experince.  And that i am feeling lucky to get my money from Unibet.

And i had not won anything.  

I do not dare to play at unibet. Reason is when you win the hell fire starts from Unibet.


I stopped when there is message across the screen saying stop playing. Then i ask chat about whats up.

They have no clue about nothing. So to all that's reads this. Think for your self. Where you should play


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