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Hey guys,

To make this short, I've always been a gambler but only recently online with slots and table games. I do however prefer live games as they make me feel like there's more of random randomness to me :). I've been losing quite a bit on slots, paticularly with ones where I've won on before and now it just seems that no matter what game I play, I never get those free spins or bonuses anymore. I'm under the impression that evertime somene plays, it's completely random and doesn't know that you've already hit a few free spins before and doesn't make you lose based on your personal RTP percentage?

If I'm on a game and hit the bonus or free spins within a few spins, does it stay random or is there algorithm saying...hey, this guy with this login has already won some money theses past few days playing this game, we're going not let him win until he's lost a certain amount before we let him win again. Or is it possible that there are people who are just luckier than others and people like me are the one's losing to them? 

Don't get me wrong, I know that gambling for the most part is a losing matter unless you're the house but I refuse to believe that I'm this unlucky :). I'm in denial...

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