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Just grinded the last lvl of welcome playthrough (worth 350 euros) for ~13H just to barely miss out


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tl;dr sucked out by the timelimit

Fair warning: I'm being a crybaby over what is essentially a bad beat, but I just have to share this story with someone who might be able to relate.

I literally finished over 99.40% of the last part of the playthrough bonus. For those of you who dont know, there's a long playthrough bonus that last for 90 days for new players with a value of 550 euros in total, with 350 of them being on the last (and by far longest) level. Would be a huge boost to my pathetic bankroll. Pretty sure I would have filled it within this hour, judging by the tempo I filled the bar at that point (4 tables of 25NL. I normally play 10NL, but thought I could make enough red juice through playing at the higher limit) I honestly expected to have plenty of time and for it to last until evening/midnight as the info box just said "1 days left", but I guess it turns out I signed up at Unibet right as I got home from work 90 days ago. Feedback: You should probably put an hourly countdown for the last day, as I'm sure I'm not the first or last player who will get demoralized by this unpleasant surprise.

What I'm hoping for is for Unibet to grant me the last level out of goodwill like I have seen them do with tickets... Or give me like an hour to finish the last bit. Would be a fun challenge for sure. I do realise that you aren't obligated to give me any kind of special treatment, and that the playthrough bonus was a priviliege and not a right. If it helps my case at all, I'm currently a losing reg with multiple deposits and no withdrawals (like most). Hell, some of the deposits came in today as I suddenly needed more ammo as I tried to finish the bonus. If this trend continues, my money is more than likely going back to the ecosystem. I also stayed at a rival poker site for years before coming here, so it's not like I'm trying to just pump and dump welcome bonuses.

I'm trying to be stoic about this whole ordeal, I really do. I know this was just an insane bad beat, and it feels like I just lost a big satelite consisting of 1000 players and 999 tickets. I could of course try to guilt trip you with saying I will quit poker over this and that you wont see more of my money, but we all know that at least the former is simply not the case. Crazier things happens at the tables, so I can't let this ruin much more than my day. I know it's my responsibility and I'm happy I got in pretty good on the last day, and almost made it. Didn't have much fun grinding 13~ hours in a row, minus a few fast food and toilets break just to fail and actually lose money, but that also happens on sundays. As much as I try to be a emotionless poker player, I will probably take a break from the game after this. Just feels so much worse than losing multiple all-ins vs 74o shovers in a row. Maybe partly because it's mostly my own fault.

Excuse me for any bad grammar and incorrent mumbling that might occur here. Pretty tired at this, but wanted to vent while I still have everything fresh in memory. Anyway, have a nice day.



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