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Verification delay


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I was asked for verification documents on making my first withdrawal which I submitted.

The bank statement I submitted for proof of address was rejected and I was asked to provide a proof of address document that had been physically posted to my home address.

I requested this from one of my utility suppliers (gas) and when it arrived I took a photo and uploaded it to the verification section as requested.

That was on the 26/10/20 and I still havent been verified.....what is going on........

I have been on live chat twice and have twice been told that they will push it for me but its still not been sorted.

I am starting to get very frustrated with the whole situation, can this be sorted ASAP please

Thank you

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Its really disappointing to have to post this but over a month later and I still havent been verified.

I have submitted all documents in a timely manner and am absolutely bemused why it is taking so long when I see other people on the forum get replies from admin, their cases escalated and resolved.

I refuse to go on live chat anymore as they wont provide any response other than your documents are with the relevant team and we will be in touch soon.

Surely it doesnt take a month to review a proof of address document!

I asked live chat to escalate my case which they refused to do.

I even resent all my documents in an e-mail a week ago and got a reply stating my documents are already with the relevant team.

Why are people getting verified who have been waiting less time than myself while my verification is stuck in limbo??

Im hoping an admin will step in and sort this out for me quickly as they seem to have done with some other posts.



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Over a month and still not verified? Good god. Are you trying to make a large withdrawal? I'm only at the 12th day (I uploaded a 2nd proof of address after they refused the first but they did not explain why, check my thread). It's ridiculous that this untrustworthy company can withheld the payout without any consequence. I contacted ecogra, I hope they will help me to save out my money from here.

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orsim68, Its crazy.  Ive provided every document they requested and its just radio silence, I just dont understand what the delay is??

The frustrating thing is I see moderators helping out in posts and helping to get people verified regularly but its like I dont exist.  Live chat and e-mail contact is next to useless, I just get the same robotic answer 'its with the relevant team'

I was also asked to provide a second proof of address that had been sent to my home address instead of printed.  No problem, I requested one from my gas company and it arrived a few days later.  I took a crystal clear picture of it showing all relevant details, all four corners showing etc and uploaded it.

They should have been able to review it and give me the green light within 48 hours max but instead nothing just silence.

Not a large withdrawal by some peoples standards but just under £300 which I won on the casino sign up.  I was so happy at the time when I won it but this has soured the whole experience. 

Unibet have really went down in my estimation after this.

It doesnt help that when you try to get answers and ask what the issue is and how can I help resolve it you just get a generic response.

I just hope I receive my money which I won fair and square soon.

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@ReCorpH Could I have an update in relation to this please.

I submitted the additional document on Saturday and Im now greeted once again with radio silence and yet another lengthy delay in processing my verification.

I would have thought it would have been good customer service to finally process my verification quickly considering the incredible length of time I have had to wait since this whole process started.

I look forward to hearing a positive response soon.


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