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Unibetclient blocked for Austrians


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Hey Guys,

apparently due to new German regulations, Austrian have also been blocked from the Pokersoftware. I have been playing on Unibet for 1.5 years now, and up to this date I was satiesfied with your service.

Unfotunately the recent practise is shocking. I am an Austrian citzien, living in Austria being blocked from the Software due to a new German regulation, that should not affect me at all. Fun fact Germans citziens abroad, can still access Unibet.

The browser is not a option for me, since I play a high volume and usually 9 tables at a time.

To sum the whole situation up, it is a quite a poor statement for Unibets business practice, excluding players due to the lack of setting up the access of their own software properly.

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@Shippendales wrote:

That sounds like a good idea to me if it is technically feasible.

Instead of banning citziens of a country that have no affiliation with the German regulation in the first place.

Austrian players are not banned, they just can't access the desktop version of the client. Web and mobile clients will work fine.

Poker Janitor

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Hello Unibet-Team,

Will it be a permanent state that the Desktop client is not available from Austria?

I am moving from Germany to Austria, because of the new regulations. I dont see the reason why it should affect Austrians.

I know that the web version of the client is still available, but I dont think it is an equivalent replacement for the Desktop version.


Best regards

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Thank you very much for the 500 € reload bonus, it is a nice gesture.

Hopefully you can add a solution for Autrian players before the daily hexa races start again on the 10th November. With merely 4 tabling it would be impossible to compete for the promotion.


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