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HELP! Thursday night football -no free bet (again)


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 Hi, guys. Sorry to have to bring this up again: October 8th at 6:25:07 PM I placed my $10 pre-match bet and have not received my $5 free in-play bet for this Sunday.

 I hope that this will be seen and corrected as smoothly and quickly as you have done last time. 

 Also, aren't tickets for Betting Freeroll tournament's given out for $10 sports bets? I think you may have missed 1 or 2 of those as well... although my main concern is the $5 free bet.  Thanks Unibet and moderators!

(I really appreciate how Unibet corrects errors and oversights, but I what I truly wish is that they would not happen after the first time. Don't get me wrong,  Unibet to me is one of the top sites for a fair  poker experience and  one of the best sports books, but I am sorry to say that too many times I've been made to feel like a bother and a complainer. And that's not a good feeling ☹️)

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 I've just received a email asking me to mark this as a solution.  What!!!

  I ended up contacting live chat after the site started recognizing me as being from some country (can't remember which) that wouldn't let me login from.  While I was trying to figure that out I then proceeded to get my account frozen (my fault for having my caps lock on -haha).

  I was assured the free bet would be given Monday. Of course this was very unsatisfactory and not at all what the promo promises, I took it for what it was.  I was happy to have access to my account again.

   Monday came and wepnt and no free bet.  

 Now you're going to send me emails asking me to "accept a solution"???  What!!!

  There hasn't been one and I gave up! 

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