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Member of the month - August


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Choosing the member of the month is one of the most difficult tasks we face in the team. This is the third MOM we choose, and every time we've had to choose between so many good candidates, that we've often felt like "let's just give it to all these five-ten members", but that would of course defeat the purpose of the award. It's like being asked to choose between Danish salty liquorice and bacon - both are fantastic in their own way and there're so many reasons to choose both of them :)


We need to head to the above country, to find the winner of MOM August. The winner wrote about 300 posts in August and got the same number of likes. He also got 3 accepted solutions and started 5 topics. He's always super positive and friendly and contribute a great deal to the good atmosphere on the community. He's also got his own betting picks thread with almost 300 posts.

You've probably guessed it by now. The winner of MOM August and this great badge is...


AndreiBN :popeye::popeye::popeye:

As we're no longer allowed to give away free money in Romania, because of the legislation, you can choose between a 100 % Price Boost up to € 50, 100 % deposit bonus up to € 50 or poker tickets worth € 50 :)

Thank you AndreiBN and everyone else who contributed to the community last month! You're the heart and soul of the community :)

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I think the whole community will agree with your choice this month. I was really struggling with the first number of the  Community Bingo Competition, math not being one of my strong points LOL  & I asked @AndreiBN for some advice and he helped me lickity split... So now I'm joint leader in the comp, COOL !  Keep it up @AndreiBN. Your betting picks thread is AWESOME !!! Cool looking Bagde Bruv... Wear it with pride




Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
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Thank you so much for this award.

This community worked like a magnet for me from the beggining and the quality of the members here is just amazing.And it's go great being able to give something back and help as much as i can.

Really happy and thank you again for all this kind words.I like to think that i've earned some friends since i joined this community and it;s just a pleasure to watch it grow so nicely and keeping this positive athmosphere,thanks to the great community team and most important,his members.


"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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