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Tournament Cancellation Policy
In the unfortunate event of a multi-table or Sit & Go tournament being cancelled due to a problem in the
Unibet poker software these rules will kick in depending on the state of the tournament.

52. The tournament is canceled before the start:

  • The players will be refunded the tournament buy-in and fee in full including any multi-entries. In case of registration by a ticket, this ticket will be re-credited.


53. The tournament has started but players are not “in the money yet” (reached the prizes):

  • The remaining players will be refunded their fee including re-buy and add-on fees.
  • The player supplied pot is split into two equal pools. The first pool will be distributed equally between all remaining players. The second pool will be distributed between all players in proportion to their chip count.
  • Exception: if the Tournament is a freeroll the added prize pool is divided even if it's not a player supplied pot.


54. The tournament has started and players are “in the money” (have reached the prizes):

  • The remaining players will be refunded their fee including re-buy and add-on fees.
  • If players are not on the final table each player will receive the lowest remaining prize and the rest of the pot is distributed in proportion to their chip count.
  • If players are on final table the prize pool will be redistributed according to the ICM (Independent Chip Model) chop, if they are in the money.
  • If the tournament paid out non-monetary values, (like tickets, freespins or seats), the prize pool will be converted to regular funds and distributed accordingly.


If cancelled tournament is a bounty tournament then player is given his own bounty value.

We reserve the right to alter cancellation payouts or to alter this policy.

In case of disputes, Unibet management decision will be final

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