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Community NFL Oracle 20/21 - Almost €3000 in guaranteed prizes


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@JeppeL wrote:


@Karmasuper @AceJackTwin I'll have a look on the missing Free Bets, sorry you didn't have them available for yesterdays games!


Regarding the missing live freebets.

The finnish promo page literally says that the bet has to be placed on Thursday. I also remember not seeing the offer on my free bets on Wednesday, but on Thursday it was there.

@Karmasuper  and @AceJackTwin  are the only ones who posted bets aimed on this live freebet promo and had bets that weren't placed on Thursday, which seesm a likely reason for the freebets not triggering.

.com site has no mention of having to actually place the bet on Thursday though, but instead on terms it says that the promo runs every week from Monday to Sunday. :wonder:


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@JeppeL wrote:

@Purps On .com it does say "Place a €10 pre-match bet on NFL Thursday night game (min. odds 1.80)"  though. I can probably put out the €5 Free Bets manually, but just so it's clear for the future :)


It's still a "Thursday night game" even if you place a bet on it on Wednesday though, isn't it?

Shouldn't it be "place a bet on Thursday on the Thursday night game" to be clear enough?

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Like one of the commentators said "Las Vegas was the entertainment capital of the world even before they got their nfl team a stadium, now Raiders are gonna put on a show". Both teams seemed to have given their all on the field today but Daren Waller carried hard, congratz to the Las Vegas Raiders!

Sadly for us @runner-minsk , this jackpot story ends here :( but for sure for me it`s gonna be a story to remember and i`m glad i was part of this :)

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NFL Oracle round 2 results:


A brave effort on going for the Jackpot gets a bitter end as on the very last match Raiders became the only underdog to win their match on this strange round, thus denying @FaiDeaEmo and @runner-minsk becoming the 2nd and 3rd Jackpot winners on these community promotions. 

Unlucky guys but you seem to be a good sport about it and we all had a nice ride following how things will end up :Happyshy:

Congrats to all the winners :Thumbsup:


1.@FaiDeaEmo 17,31€25 Poker points / Free bets
1.@runner-minsk 17,31€25 Poker points / Free bets
3.@Kamon 17,23€10 Poker points / Free bets
 Hot Route  
 no winners Pot next week: 2 * €10 Free bet
 Red 7  
 @Merenitsu 12€10 Poker points / Free bet
 @traart 10€10 Poker points / Free bet
 @Whoever 8€10 Poker points / Free bet
 @JokerJames95 7€10 Poker points / Free bet


Full results & Leaderboard 


Winners, please leave a screenshot of your settled bet slip ( no need to do it again if you already have done so ), along with your prize selection. Note that maximum of 50% can be credited as poker bonus points and minimum stake per bet is €10, except for the 3rd place finisher and the Red 7 winners who also can choose 500 bonus points and a €5 free bet.

As we have two winners, in order to keep the freebet value nice and comfy, you guys can also choose to have 1500 poker points and a €10 freebet if you so wish. :Smile:



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@runner-minsk wrote:

@Purps wrote:

@runner-minsk wrote:

ok, unlucky guy want 1500 poker points and 10€ freebet


You will still need to post the settled bet to get the prizes 🆗


I think, I've already posted it, but Ok I will repeat it!


Yes, but you will need to take a new screenshot of it now that the match has been played and the bet has been decided. 😃

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@FaiDeaEmo wrote:

I`ll take the 15 in poker points and 10 freebet, thanks!

Just out of curiosity, when was the one jackpot won and at what sport prediction/community competition? @Purps 


@deanspleen09  won it on one of the early ones. Champions League Football was the event.

The 16 correct picks had a total multiplier of over 18500 😀

Here is the thread: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Promotions/Unibet-Community-Champions-League-SuperToto-Dare-to-challenge/m-p/279746#M44344

And here you can admire the final table of that round: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PRD_iQ9SJw8MHwAN5lUxpfNHVr07seJ0Zp6ovCEHP54/edit?usp=sharing

EDIT: It's on the tab number 15

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wow sick jackpot win there @deanspleen09 

@deanspleen09 wrote:

saints started off well , but after the penalty on their 2pt attempt  in the 1st quarter things went downhill fast.

Though saints won after that first quarter anyway but yea i don`t know anything about american football ; i did hear the commentators saying multiple times that the saints got a lot of penalties this game and in their succesful recent past.

Seemed to me that it took the LV Raiders a while to wake up and once they did, even if the match lasted 15-30min longer, they would have still scored around the same as the saints or more.

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