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I have unibet account for about 1 year so here my review they took about 1 week to verify my account it was during Christmas time and that time I won money  so maybe it was because of that idk so they did verify my account  finally so now my experience they do pay winnings without too much asking like other poor sites do but they are sometimes buggy when I'm using on my old phone but sometimes only now for the odds they are basic basically not that bad but not the best now for live betting usually when I do cashout it takes 4.5 secs so they cashout with delay usually but its not that bad . One more is that they dont put all csgo games like I've seen it sometimes they dont put matchs on hltv that I've seen had good teams in it so that's one problem. Another is they are laggy sometimes that's it in general they aren't that bad they are normal 

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