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Hey guys, so this is a timeline of basically what ive been dealing with from this company for the last two months. quite frankly its appaling and sad to see that in 2020 a reputable poker site refuses to pay out winning poker players. 

statements of facts for the Unibet moderators.

1. My account was already fully verifeied as in i had sent in all documentation previously and had successfully cashed money once before this incident.

2.The email i have works fine and does receive emails from unibet regarding promotions or when they finally verify a piece of documnetation i have sent in.

15/08/2020  - i requested a cahout of E2500. almost one month goes by with no email contact from unibet regarding why this hasnt been proceesed. i finally use the site to navigate to live support because i am tired of waiting with no response. they tell me that just now their security team have requested a copy of me holding my passport to prove i am real, which i upload immediately. 

05/09/2020 - im forced to cancel my intial withdrawl of E2500 and now have accumulted E9000 and want to withdraw that. one week goes by and still no money. so again i have to talk to their live chat. this time im informed that they now need a copy of my passport again. so i upload immediately. according to the unibet site this verification should take 2 days but no longer than 5. 5 days later and still no word, so i contact live support and am told by their support that this shouldnt take soo long and how sorry they are and that it is upgraded to 'critcal' and it is then proccessed in 24 hours.

16/09/2020 - i had to cancel the E9000 withdrawl as i had no money in my account and wanted to keep playing. however now when i log into the Unibet site, my account is now unverified and they now require proof of address. i upload a copy of my bank statement immediately. again same thing as before. 5 days go past and still no word. so again i talk with live support and ask why this hasnt been proccessed im met with the same dribble, this now 'critical' as if to say verifying my account is like difusing a nuclear bomb and again it is verified in 24 hours.

24/08/2020 - i now have a fully verifed account (again). so again i request E9000 withdrawl. expecting this to be proccessed to my neteller in 12 hours or less like it says on their site. 24 hours later and still nothing. i talk with live support again and they tell me that they have no idea why this isnt being done and that they see no reason why it shouldnt be done. they tell me that its been upgraded to critical (again) and will be done in 24 hours. and surprise surprise 24 hours later still nothing.....

at this stage im pretty gutted about this whole situation. its alot of money and i earned it fair and square. i feel like im jumping through hoops here to prove my identity which i have done now twice and still they wont process my cashout. just a warning to other winning players before you play here to be prepared for this and to go play somewhere else as its just not worth the stress.

cheers sam


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Hi @K1NGSAM and welcome to the community, though it's under less than great circumstances.

I'm real sorry to see this case, I've gotten a bit of overview and the only thing I haven't gone through are your chats with Customer Support. Did anyone tell you there that we are refusing to pay out your winnings? It shouldn't be the case and I've seen no such comment made by anyone in the case by anyone from our side.

I understand if the wait for your withdrawal is mentally draining and I'll be sure to pass along the feedback from your well articulated explanation of the case here. I won't comment on the specifics as of yet, not before I go through them with someone from the Player Safety team(who handles the documents), though it appears there's been some mishaps in the communication leading to you not getting a request through email about the documents needed - we'll look into this.
Myself or @ReCorpH will be sure to check up on the status of the most recent withdrawal that you had to set up so we make sure it gets through soon as possible, that's the most important right now as everything looks in order with regards to the documents we've received from your end.


Former Community Manager
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@K1NGSAM  I think they do this to all people.I have seen other people complaining about this matter.When they wanted to withdraw bigger sums they refuse to pay and ask you for all kind of documents for "security reasons".

A cousin of mine recently had the same problem.He placed a 1,5k bet on bayern to win the ucl final and when he wanted to withdraw the winnings they asked for documents although he already had his account verified and he deposited/withdrew in the past.

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First of all apologies for the whole case. This has been a mess of misscommunication (and in some parts no communication) from our side. The document requests has not been updated or communicated correctly and in the provided timelimits. 

However, I'm glad to say that everything is in order now, and your withdrawal has been approved from our side and should get processed to your Neteller soon. I've also added an MTT ticket to your account as a sign of goodwill and compensation for this mess.


@Messwithme, There are multiple different types of verifications that can happen at any time during a customer journey. We of course can not publically announce the different reasons as that would completely mitigate the reasons behind these requests. In this case it's obviously clear this was a mess and a mistake from our side which prolonged the verification.

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