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Cash out not working


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Today i placed 2 bets on eg vs Triumph eg won the first game the they lost the second
 Now the third map
 My team Triumph won the first half
9 to 6
Now here I was looking to see who wins the pistol round and round 8 or 9
The eg gaming came close and basically came back it was I think 8.8 or 9.9 something like that and I wanted cash out
 Until that time the page was working fine
Until then the page for my bets wasnt loading
 I could access deposit
Other things
 But cash out was not loading for several minutes no matter how many Tim's I reloaded.please help I also too screenshot and video this happend at the 3rd map second half I was trying to cash out to be safe and get out with profit  after eg won the pistols and 1 more round it a big of profit it was like 9.8 or somewhere close I dont know   .2815343654 2815752730

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@alirezakrv  No bookie guarantees that the cashout option will be available all the time and for the all offers. Everybody has this rule in t&c, including Unibet. But don't forget you can put a bet also on the other side to secure a profit. You need of course extra money in account for this but you can get the same profit as for cashout if you calculate how much to bet.

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