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UOS Monday 21st Community Promo


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@Stubbe-Unibet  No problem. But there are a couple of controversial moments 😃

#0 lucky you need to choose. Otherwise there will be a lot of controversy 😃

Leaderboard (best finishing position)

For the best finishing position among you guys, I'll be giving away 6 prizes, two for each buyin level. You will need to post your finishing position in this thread, as a screenshot.

1€ 50€ 25€ 10
2€ 25€ 10€ 5


1  @Torspo 5 place in E21  

1 @FunckyFish  5 place in E24 

3  @Sparrow473  7 place in E24

4 @whereisrivaldo  22 place in E24


1. @f1v3h34d  1 place in E23 👍

2. @JokerJames95  7 place in E23

3. @FeelsBadMan  18 place in E20

4.  @Sparrow473  33 place in E23


@Sparrow473  11 place in E22

2. @MadAdo  15 place in  E22

3. @Kamon  20 place in E22

4. @Pickleman  23 place in E22

Leaderboard (highest number of big blinds)

Head to the settings and turn on "Values in BB in tournaments" and take a screenshot when you've got a big fat stack. Three biggest stacks will get a prize:

1€ 50
2€ 25
3€ 10


Big Stack in BB

1. @Farseer  745 BB and 509.5 BB

2. @Merenitsu  495.2 BB

3. @FeelsBadMan  420 BB

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You're quite right @Merenitsu there is some controversy 😃

@Stubbe-Unibet Whilst technically AAA66 is a bigger hand than JJJ99, and not wanting to take anything away from @OmNomNom , I'm not sure having 66 on an AAA board even counts as a bad beat, given that sevens, eights, nines . . . etc. also beat you.

However, having JJXX v 99XX on a J79-2-9 board. Now that is a bad beat. Even in Omaha. 

right, toys well and truly outside of pram, thank you and goodnight :waterfall: 😏


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Yes shame about the lack of print screen, but I transferred to my desktop to post the pic, and by then you can't get a visualisation of the hand in the hand history. Maybe on the new client you can always visualise hands? Always found that a bit galling - like you can only visualise the last 100 hands or so. So much easier to parse them visually.

regarding the other issue: remember AX only needs to hit one ace to beat 66, not four. So that's not really a bad beat, just a 70%/30% standard. And as I say, it doesn't really mean anything big that the 66 hits under full, because it's also fairly standard to be FH v better FH in that spot e.g. against opp's 77

But I do agree with @Stubbe-Unibet that by the rules he picked, that hand does win.

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