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UOS Monday 21st Community Promo


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We've got 6 UOS tournaments in the lobby today, and I thought it was about time we do a small competition for you guys on here. 

Leaderboard (best finishing position)

For the best finishing position among you guys, I'll be giving away 6 prizes, two for each buyin level. You will need to post your finishing position in this thread, as a screenshot.

1€ 50€ 25€ 10
2€ 25€ 10€ 5


Leaderboard (highest number of big blinds)

Head to the settings and turn on "Values in BB in tournaments" and take a screenshot when you've got a big fat stack. Three biggest stacks will get a prize:

1€ 50
2€ 25
3€ 10



Post a picture of the biggest bad beat (best losing hand) and you will get a €25 UOS ticket.


Unfortunately, customers from Sweden, Belgium and Denmark can't take part in this promotion :(

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Was leading yesterday in 1e 2day for almost 3h. At some point i was sitting at 150k chips [2nd 70k] with blinds 100-150, so there would be some chance probably :waterfall: Not much hope today, rebuys are too hectic for me. They always are :teardrop: 

About bad beat one of my elimination was KK board 55K all in from AK and then A A. Too easy? 😛 It will probably be needed some quads on quads :haha:

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So, I've just finished today's UOS tournaments according to the followings (EDIT: just to be clear: MID: 7th pos., NANO: 11th pos. entry to the Community promo:))


The result is not that bad, but how I've just fnished in the almost exact same moment on the 2 talbles (#0lucky entries):



Meh, I wanted to win that E24 so much... Next time, maybe! :)

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