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Release notes 3.0 (redesign)


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Release date: 22nd September

Next release: 20th October

Will be a long post this one, so let me summarize it quickly. The entire client has been redesigned and there're new features introduced as well. The most significant changes are for MTT's and mobile (portrait mode support and mobile web). It's not like this 3.0 is the final design and we won't make further changes. In fact, we expect to make a number of improvements the coming month.

We will start rolling out the updates around 7am CEST, and all version should be released around noon.


  • HexaPro Jackpot Mania still running (22 jackpots left!)
  • Unibet Online Series starting tomorrow!
  • New client missions (explore the new client and get rewarded)
  • Rake free 5-seat SNG's on stakes €25-€100 as well as weekly leaderboards for these stakes! Starting 5th October and running till 1st November
  • €40,000 Flop Race (12 October-15 November)
  • IPO (19 October-26 November)


Improvements/New features

  • MTT break is now 6 minutes
  • Client redesign (see below section)


The redesign

General navigation and design

  • The aspect ratio has been unlocked; you can now re-size the client however you please (lobby, not tables)
  • Game type navigation has been moved to a menu at the top
  • Instead of having one big banner and all game types on one page, there’s now a unique banner area for each gametype (MTT’s excluded), and each game type has its own page with sub-menus
  • All game types open the same way; HexaPro used to open on top of the main lobby, MTT’s would show the small quick access lobby and SNG and cash would open the game and stake tree
  • All promotion icons as well as the leaderboard icon have been moved under the combined promotions view, which can be accessed from tables and lobby (in footer) by clicking the gift icon
  • There’s no longer a “Profile” page as such; the former “Profile” page was an odd mix of things (background change, alias change, challenge point, cash tickets, tournament tickets and playthrough bonuses). Background change has been moved to settings, and the rest now has their own dedicated page. Tickets can both be accessed under each game type (sub-menu) and by clicking the profile icon in the footer.
  • The casino icons have been removed from the lobby and a casino in poker icon added in the footer
  • Settings can be accessed by clicking the icon in the footer (before you had to open the burger menu)
  • I feel I should also mention that the game type menu is moved to the footer, when you click the profile, settings or promo icon (on desktop, not mobile). This way you’ve always got one-click access to every game type, regardless of where in the lobby you are. It couldn’t be kept at the top due to a lack of space.


New features

  • Portrait mode on mobile!
    • Full support of portrait mode in both lobby and on tables. There’s still a bit of polishing to be done on 9 handed tables and the MTT lobbies.
  • Mobile web!
    • The web client is now fully functional on mobile devices, and it offers an almost identical experience to the one on our iPhone and Android apps - all game types are supported. This means you can finally play on mobile again, even if you’re in one of those countries where poker apps have been removed from the app stores.
  • Favorites feature in MTT lobby. You can now favorite a tournament and easily filter to see just your favorites (by clicking the “Favorites” sub-menu).
  • Estimated duration of tournaments. An estimated duration of each tournament is now shown in the MTT lobby.
    Colored bet amounts. In the settings you can enable “Colored bet amounts”, which will make it easier, at a glance, to read the action at the table.
  • When opening the settings from a table, you can now choose if you want to change the background for all tables or just the one, making it possible to have different backgrounds for different kinds of tables.
  • MTT lobbies can now be opened in a separate window. This is done by clicking the dedicated icon in the specific MTT lobby (next to the Register/Open Table button)
  • Randomize avatar option when creating new identity
  • Option for us to pin a tournament at the top of the MTT lobby
  • Promotion icon in the MTT lobby. If a tournament is part of a promotion, it’ll have a small promo icon which sends you to the promo page
  • Hole cards are now visualized in the hand history, making it easier to spot the hand you’re after
  • Not a new feature as such, but MTT break duration has been increased with 1 minute, so that the break now lasts 6. It still starts at :55.


MTT lobby (full)

  • As mentioned above, the small quick access lobby has been removed and clicking the “Tournament” menu will simply open of the full MTT lobby
  • Sub-menus have been added: Schedule, Registered, Tickets and Favorites. Sub-menus essentially serve as filters and will load a tournament list with for instance the tournaments you’ve registered to. Schedule shows the full schedule.
  • The “My tournament tickets”, “Viewed tournaments” etc. rows have been removed
  • Filters redesigned completely:
    • Instead of opening on top of the tournament list, in the right side, and covering essential information, the filters are now shown at the top of the tournament list
    • “Buy-in”, “Players” and “Game” filters are always visible. By clicking the filter icon you can expand further type filters (“Unibet Open”, “Freezeout” etc.)
    • The type filters are now with an AND logic instead of OR. In V2 you could select Re-buy, Unibet Open and Bounty, and you’d see any tournament matching just one of these criteria. Now, all criteria have to be matched, so if you select Freezeout and Turbo, you’ll only see freezeout turbo tournaments.
    • Buy-in slider has been replaced with buttons for faster filtering.
    • “Remember my filters” and “Clear all filters” have been removed and we’ve added a “Saved state” switch instead, which works similar to the old remember option, except you can easily switch it on and off, and filters will still be remembered.
    • “Slow”, “Hyper” and “Turbo” added as filters. It previously wasn’t possible to filter by speed.
    • Private added as a filter, making it easy to hide or only show the restricted/private tournaments
  • Tournament details in the table view has changed quite a bit as well
    • 6 or 9 handed
    • Rebuy
    • Rebuy & Addon
    • Qualifier
    • Bounty
    • The tournament speed
    • The description has been removed
    • Registration ends has been removed (as it’s in the “Starts in” column)
    • We’ve added
      • Current blind level
      • Rebuy/add-on levels
      • Rebuy (price and chips)
      • Addon (price and chips)
      • Bounty (value and PKO percentage)
      • Type (NLHE or PLO) - as there’s no longer a column for this. We believe that if it’s a dealbreaker - you only play one of the two formats - you’ll generally apply a filter, and the info becomes less critical
    • Once a tournament has started, it’ll now show “Late reg. ends:” with a countdown, instead of just showing the current blind level.
    • There’s a text label before all values, to indicate what the value means: “Starts in:”, “Reg. starts in”, “Running for”, “Ran for”, “Late reg. Ends”
    • The speed and game columns have been removed
    • Once a tournament has started, it’ll be sorted by late reg. Closing (before it was sorted by start time)
    • New “Type” column has been added. The type column will show if a tournament is:
    • New “Expected duration” column has been added. This column will show how long a tournament is expected to run for, in total. For instance “ 2h 30m”
    • The expanded info view has been through a complete overhaul as well. We’ve tried to add all essential information, so that in most cases you can determine whether the tournament is of interest to you, without having to open the actual lobby for said tournament. 
  • We’ve generally tried to make the description redundant in the vast majority of cases. Today, you’ve got seats, speed, addon and re-entry info in the description, and this info will now be shown elsewhere


MTT lobby (specific)

  • Gone are the days where you could either choose between having more than 4 players shown or having essential info like rebuy and addon, bounty etc. displayed. Instead of having the player and blind levels expand and cover information, it’s been moved to the right side. This means you’ve got significantly more players/positions shown, and by increasing the height of the window (as aspect ratio is no longer locked), only your screen resolution will limit how many players you can see. You won’t have the full blind structure visible by default, but can switch to it whenever you want. The current blind level as well as the next level (with countdown) is shown on the left, so we don’t see much value in having the complete blind structure take up 30% of the lobby.
  • The information from the on-table infobox is now shown in the lobby as well, with the same icons. Information available is:
    • Seats (6/9)
    • Starting stack
    • Level up time
    • Late reg levels (previously in description)
    • Min/Max players
    • Re-buy details
    • Add-on details (addon chips new)
    • Re-buy/add-on level (previously in description)
    • Bounty (previously in description)
    • Chips in play (new)
    • Players
    • Current level (previously in blind table)
    • Current blind level (previously in blind table)
    • Next blind level (previously in blind table)
    • Next payout (new/previously in player table)
    • Number of tables (new)
    • Rebuy count
    • Addon count
    • Next break
    • Top prize (new/previously in player table)
  • The large picture has been replaced by a much smaller icon area. I’ve always felt we wasted a lot of valuable space on the pictures, as it didn’t give any useful info
  • Player bounty amount win is shown in the player list
  • Your alias is now highlighted by default


Buy-in screens

  • You can now launch up to 4 SNG tables at a time
  • There’s now a buyin confirmation screen for MTT’s. Thanks to this, we’ve been able to remove the buy-in value in local currency from the MTT lobby (it looks terrible in for instance Sweden today). You can select your avatar/identity on the buyin screen, and the following info is shown:
    • Start time
    • Game type
    • Balance
    • Buy-in


Combined promotions view

  • One of the things I remember from the first time opening the poker client is how many icons there were (2 promotions, 1 monthly missions, 1 new player missions, 1 leaderboard). It was overwhelming, it was odd to have some in the header and some in the footer, and I had to click every icon, to see what it was about. In order to improve the experience for especially new players, we’ve now moved all this info under a promo icon found in the footer - same promo icon you’ll know from the website. 
  • The UI of missions and leaderboards has been improved, so it’s for instance easier to see your own position on all leaderboards, and when a mission has several parts to it, you’re no longer limited to view just one at a time, but can see them all.
  • You are no longer limited to opening just one of the ongoing promotions/missions from the table. You can launch the combined promo view from the table, giving you easy access to everything promo related.


Bug fixes

We’ve fixed a long list of minor bugs with the September release. The most notable is probably the “Top-up during a CG hand for then to bust, and you’re unable to rebuy at the table” bug.

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Thanks for the great work!

I have one concern regarding showing the estimated duration of tournaments though: won't this kill some of the action in the deeper stacked tournaments by putting off new or recreational players of entering an '8 hour tournament'? Some players won't understand that they will almost certainly not be playing the full game length, that they do not have to play the full game length to earn money and certainly not to have fun, and that the last hours are increasingly rewarding to play once you get there.
I don't know how many of the players this would apply too, and there could be benefits as well of knowing you can potentially play for x amount of time in return for the buy-in.

What do you guys think about this?

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@Onefloatyboi, I think you have to give even the newest and most recreational players at least a little credit; I think they know they won't necessarily win every tournament and play for the full duration :)

At the end of the day, I don't want someone to register to an 8 hour tournament, if they're after some fast action and not keen on playing for a long time. It's just not a great experience, if you're forced to shove every hand in the middle of the tournament, because you've got an appointment to get to :)

Also showing the time until ITM could definitely be an option as well :)

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  • HexaPro Jackpot Mania still running (22 jackpots left!)
  • Unibet Online Series starting tomorrow!
  • New client missions (explore the new client and get rewarded)
  • Rake free 5-seat SNG's on stakes €25-€100 as well as weekly leaderboards for these stakes! Starting 5th October and running till 1st November
  • €40,000 Flop Race (12 October-15 November)
  • IPO (19 October-26 November)


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Happy to see you guys like the SNG promo :)


We realize it's been quite a while since we've had something for this game format, and what better promotion than not charging any rake and throwing leaderboards on top? :) Due to the €50 and €100 not running at all, and a limited number of players on €25, the leaderboards are weekly with €2000 at stake, top 20 getting paid and 1st taking home €500.

The fact that Sweden and Belgium can also partake (apart from the leaderboard part) is a big plus in my book.


It's also worth mentioning that long-term we're looking at lowering the rake on €50 and €100 to just 2%! Yes, you read that right: two percent. It depends on the traffic during this promo and how it all works out, but if it goes as I hope, we'll be lowering it when the promo ends or shortly after.


It's worth mentioning this might be the last attempt at reviving the €50 and €100 stakes. If we don't manage to get some traffic with this promo, I personally consider the stakes dead and would rather just remove them. BUT, let's see, hopefully more will realize the great value :)

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2 important things caught my attention regarding the unibet software:

Why is there no auto-remember function for your password in the software client? Most poker software has this & it's annoying if you always have to put in password again, especially since you often get randomly disconnected after idling for a bit.

And 2nd, since some time I've only played in browser (chrome) & I was surprised it plays so much smoother.. No more lag, while on the software client, you'd normally think is most stable, it already lags at least when you're opening a 2nd table, while can easy multitable with no lag on the browser client. It would still be handy tho if it's possible use the standalone software with these things working fine as well, the webclient does remember your password too...

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We'll be going live with the new web client shortly!


Please note that there were some issues with SNG's on the "old" client, so those have been disabled, until the updates are pushed. MTT's not working great on old client either.

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