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Tournament error


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At night, I started playing tournament € 25 freeroll, where 7 prizes.
When in the game left 8 people I had the 2nd stack, and I was left alone at the table. The tournament is still not at out, but the game does not go in it and has started 295 level) Help please


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Hello, Vadim!

Thank you for contacting Customer Service Unibet!

Check your tournament, and did not see sheathe errors or system shut down, the same as you have won € 5.72 cash.

According to this reason, the poker provider, can not compensate or another you appoint has won a prize.

 In case of further questions or uncertainties, please contact us! You can also view the number of questions and answers in our new Help section!

Yours faithfully,


Customer Service Unibet

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 Check in lobby to see if tournament is over. I would contact live support. They can assist you better.

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@AndreiBN wrote:


Most likely the first 6 players in this tournament had won the same prize,so the game stoped and you won by having the biggest number of chips.

@TeeT I checked up on it and do belive what Andrei described is what happened.

The tournament you played yesterday was a €10 Unibet Open tournament, the prizes where 6 Unibet Open tickets valued at €50 each, one €10 ticket for number 7 and €5 in cash for number 8.. This adds up to €315 after tournament fees were paid, in total there were 35 players who paid €10 each.

The €50 Unibet Open ticket is in your account, you can use to qualify further for a Unibet Open event :)

Former Community Manager
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