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On 15. august I made a bet on belgian soccer:  corner from: 25:00-29:59' There was a corner, but my bet was settled as lost. I wrote a letter, but I didn't get any anwser. Please check it.

bet number: 2716198508

Official link for the match:


This link shows that there was a corner in 29'

Corner par Morioka, la défense ostendaise se dégage... Le ballon aboutit à Fall qui reprend en un temps mais Hubert dévie le ballon et procure un nouveau coup de coin pour les Zèbres.


Please check it.

Best regards.

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You should have received a reply regarding this already. 

"Customer placed a bet on Yes - Corner 25:00-29:59 - 1st Half. The bet was settled as Lost since no corner was taken during the interval. As for customer's claim, a corner was awarded at around 29:14 but was taken at 30:02. We have settled this in accordance with our rule under B.5.3 which states that:

Occurrences which have not been sanctioned and/or acknowledged by the match/event officials (e.g.
disallowed goals) will not be taken into account towards the settlement of the bet. As a general rule,
and unless the offer specifies otherwise, Unibet will settle offers based on the exact time that the flow
of play was interrupted/resumed (as applicable) by the occurrence in question (e.g. ball went out of
play for a throw-in/goal kick or crosses the line for a goal). Bets referring to the accumulation of a
particular occurrence (e.g. Total corners) and/or the execution of a particular action, will require said
occurrence to actually take place during the time interval specified (e.g. the corner being kicked). In
such instances, should the occurrence be only awarded and not taken, it will not be considered for
settlement purposes."

Did you receive an email about this?

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