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Unibet cheating on best odds guaranteed


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Saturday i backed a horse at 13/8 that won at 2/1. i got paid at 13/8. After being told i wasnt eligible for best odds and other bs the live chat agent said i was eligible, and they would give me the difference, which they did.

I then went through a few of my previous bets, and found several instances where i had been underpaid, informed the same agent on live chat, she assured me a full review would be carried out.

Since then i have had 7 emails saying completely fabricated things from 

"We have reviewed all of your previous bets and can confirm that there was only 1 whereby the price returned bigger for Best Odds to apply, but that was on the show price and therefore not eligible"

"Please see below a breakdown of your bets with the prices taken as well as the final fixed prices. This is in conclusion of out thorough investigation."


When the terminology 'show price' was used in previous correspondence I believe what was meant was starting price (also referred to as SP).
Best odds guaranteed comes into play when you accept the odds on a selection and the odds become bigger at the off.  This has occurred once on your account and the selection was settled at best odds guaranteed.
To be clear, you currently qualify for our best odds guaranteed promotion"
The last email i had said this:
"We are unable to add any further premiums to your account for any best odds guaranteed payments - as not every account is eligible to receive this concession - we have enabled it for you going forward, but we are not obliged to backdate any payments, in line with the promotional rules"
There are several instances i have found, but am not going to be paid because i didnt notice at the time and Unibet are not prepared to do anything other than try not to pay me.
Everyone that bets with them should check settlement of every bet, as clearly they cannot be trusted to pay out in full.
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