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Pls help me, @Stubbe-Unibet @ReCorpH !

I' ve just accomplished poker monthly mission part 4, and when i wanted to use the 20 freespins on "Let's get ready to rumble", I' ve missclicked on "NO, THANKS" button. Is there any possibility to get back those free spins, or they are lost?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: You know, there is "Click to continue" thing, and i've clicked one more.... Just on that button... Why is it there anyway?:waterfall:

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The "no thanks" option on accepting the free spins is rather poorly placed, because it's located on the exact same spot where on the previous screen ( game demo screen ) you are forced to click the "click to continue".

If you accidentally double click the "click to continue" it will result in refusing the free spins. :sad:

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Hey @Sparrow473 and sorry I forgot this before sneaking away for a vacation! Thank you for your patience!

3 things: 1. Can not add the spins to "Lets get ready to Rumble". 2. Can add the spins to Blender Blast. (Which is already done, few spins less but more value)

3. Feedback of the location of the button has been sent forward as well, hopefully we can just remove it from there completely. :)

Could you open the game and confirm the spins are there? 


@Messwithme, did you receive an email from our CS? This will happen with promotions more often if your account is not in your native currency. We can not sort it out one by one every time via Community. 

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1.I dont have any spins on blender bast either. 

2.I didnt got any email, i did have a talk with chat support twice i think in the last 3 months but its extremly annoiyng and takes a lot of time to explain the problem,its like taking a random guy from the street and ask him to sort this out. Chat agents are verry often totally clueless about everything regarding gambling.

Last time when i brought this issue regarding my curency the agent told me that the majority of romanians have their account in RON and thats it.

There must be a decent number of people that use euro as curency, i see a few here on community. I supose all of us have the same issues regarding promotions and offers that are in RON.

And you said that you can not sort it out one by one everytime via community same thing you hear from the chat agents. 

So it can't be sort it out manually and you can't do any improvements to make it work automatically. What is to be done then? @ReCorpH 

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@Messwithme there should be an email from our CS sent to you, atleast that's what the note says. Did you check you spam folder? Let me know if it's not there and I'll have them re-send it. The only viable option is to create an account in your native currency, as we can't guarantee that the promotions work when you have your account in EUR. 

@Sparrow473 please open the game from the Main Site and it should work. :) 

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