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Says in here that the livebet was taken for a odd of 1.84 but its settled for a odd of 1,42 and the first odd is taken into the bracket. He is asking why is that.

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Thanks a lot @jerry :)

@Luk121 Your bet  wason Asian Total for Over 5.75 was settled with the odds of 1.42 and not 1.83 because the customer Won Half of the market. The customer placed his bet on Over 5.75, in which the stake is divided into 2 equal bets and placed on the outcomes of 5.50 and 6.00. 

 It's described in theTerms and Conditions of Section B.2.9:

"Handicap" is where it is possible to bet on whether the chosen outcome will be victorious once the listed handicap is added/subtracted (as applicable) to the match/period/total score to which the bet refers to. In those circumstances where the result after the adjustment of the handicap line is exactly equal to the betting line, then all bets on this offer will be declared void. Example: a bet on -3.0 goals will be declared void if the team chosen wins the match by exactly 3 goals difference (3-0,4-1, 5-2, etc). Any reference in this section to the term “margin” is intended to be understood as the outcome emerging from the subtraction of the goals/points scored by the 2 teams/participants.

Unless otherwise stated all handicaps listed on [the Operator] site are to be calculated based on the result from the start of the listed match/period to the end of the specified match/period. It is however customary that for certain handicap bet offers in specific sports (Asian Handicap in Football), only the outcomes obtained from the time of bet placement until the end of the listed timeframe will be taken into consideration, thus disregarding any goals/points scored before the time the bet was placed and accepted. Any bet offer with these characteristics will be clearly displayed on site and highlighted in the punter’s Bet History with the score at the time of bet placement

Asian Handicap: Team A (-1.75) vs Team B (+1.75)


  • Team A is given a -1.75 goal handicap in the match. This means that the stake is divided into 2 equal bets and placed on the outcomes -1.5 and -2.0. For the bet to be fully paid out at the listed odds, Team A must win the match with a bigger margin than both of their listed handicaps (ie. 3 goals or more margin). In the eventuality that Team A wins with only a 2 goal margin, the bet will be considered as partially won with a full payout on the -1.5 part of the bet and a refund on the -2.0 side since the outcome on that part of the bet would be considered a “tie”. Should the match produce any other outcome, including a Team A victory with only 1 goal of margin, the whole stake would be lost.


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