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Withdraw problems


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back in may i deposited using an entro pay card, i won a few $$$ so i withdrew by a bank transfer, all good so far :)

yesterday i again deposited using entropay and again won a few $$$ so i withdrew by a bank transfer only to find this morning that it was refused. tried to ask live chat guy why and all he could tell is that the player safety depatment had put a block on me withdrawing to my bank. i asked how i could contact this department to see if there was any thing i could do to get this block removed and he just said sorry can't contact them.

now the amounts i withdrew both times were only about $20.

can anyone help me? ( i am from canada)

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I am from Canada also, what bank were you using? For certain banks, you have to go on live chat & give them a few extra information that's not listed in the withdrawal form. Also, there's a small fee for the money to reach Canadian bank, so $20 isn't really worth withdrawing.

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, there are actually two reasons why we didn't approve your withdrawal:

1) You need to wager the whole deposit before you can withdraw the money (anti-money laundering reasons).

2) You must use the same method when withdrawing money from your Unibet account as the previous deposit method - e.g. if you've used Skrill for depositing, you'll need to withdraw to a Skrill account. If your previous deposit was made with a VISA card, you must withdraw to the same VISA card.

Usually you can't use another method when withdrawing like the first withdrawal you've had. I don't want publish any of your personal information, so I've sent you a PM with further details regarding this case.

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