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Weekly Unibet Community Masters


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As you all might have noticed, we have been playing a weekly game of poker every monday. This game is with a twist tho! 

The game format and other specifications are decided by the person who bubbles the previous one. So far we have had some crazy super deep 9-max PLO PKO, some Banzai-ish action packed 6max Hold' Em and so many different structures. This is a great way for you to test out different games and structures with familiar names from the Community. The games have always been extremely friendly with everyone hanging out in a Twitch chat and talking smack. 

This has also been a way for employees to play with the Community members and we have given out some.. *cough* generous bounties. :cash: Now we have decided to make this official. Starting from tomorrow, every monday at 8pm CET there will be a game in the lobby called "Weekly Community Masters".

The key elements will still be there, but we're spicing it up just a little bit. Employees will still have random bounties on them, and the previous weeks bubbleboy will be the one deciding the format and structure for the next one. The bubbleboy of the previous tournament will also be awarded enough Bonuspoints to cover the buy in for the next week. BUT. This will no longer be under the "private" tag but will be visible in the lobby, and we will be adding a guaranteed prizepool. 


Community Masters LEADERBOARD!

Are you the toughest player in Unibet Community? Time to prove it. Take part in this 8 week long tournament series and get your hands on 500€ leadeboard prizes!

Leaderboard: Here

Massive thank you to @Purps once again! 

10 places paid, 8 weeks and your best 4 results will count. Points will be awarded according to the number of entries per tournament. If tournament has 23 entries and you win it, you get 23 points. The runner up will get 21 points, 3rd finisher will get 19 points, 4th will get 17 points etc. In case of a tie, 5th best results will be counted.

1. 150€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
2. 100€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
3. 75€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
4. 50€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
5. 40€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
6. 30€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
7. 20€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
8. 20€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
9. 10€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints
10. 5€ in Freebets/Pokerpoints

This seems like enough value for everyone to play it. WRONG! On top of getting bounties for employees, you have the golden chance to become "Unibet Bounty Boss". Knock out the most employees within these 8 weeks and you earn yourself an additional prize of 50€ in UO/UOS tickets. And of course lifelong bragging rights that you beat the end bosses. Who knows, maybe we even award you a trophy here on Community. :)

Please note that if you participate in this tournament, and don't play with the same or similar as your Community alias, you will not be eligible for the extra bounties. 

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And the honor of setting up the first game went to Mr. @Rushbie who unfortunately did not make it in the money last week. The details are as follows:

5€ Buy in, 1x rebuy.

10 000 Starting stack

5 minute levels

4 level late registration, 6 levels rebuy time


The only question he had for you, Community is: Would you prefer 6max or 9max?

@Rushbie will also have a stream up where everyone can hang out, at https://www.twitch.tv/rshbie See you all there tomorrow! 


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@ReCorpH wrote:

And who knows, maybe we go crazy and start a leaderboard on this with some sick prizes. :P


If this will be a permanent tournament and if there were to be a leaderboard...


( all numbers below are just "educated" suggestions and could be changed into anything )

It could be a rolling 10 week leaderboard that pays a little something for the top ranked players every 5 weeks. Also having a small ( 1,25 - 1,50 ) multiplier on the points from 5 latest tournaments would add some nice value to the persons who have been on good form recently, over the ones that did so 2 months ago and have likely already earned something for that on the previous "payday"

This type of leaderboard would motivate participating each week, and also if someone gets a bad start by bricking the first few tournaments, it wouldn't be the end of the world since you would constantly be building your tower of pooints for the future paydays 😃



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Alright, all set for evening 👍
The leaderboard-thingy sounds quite nice indeed!
GL, everyone 🆒:rockon:

Also one chat is at

It's pretty crappy, no facecams or mic, only chat and music from online netradios, but the channel is pretty much solely dedicated to the random unibet community games and stuff, so you guys are in charge of all happenings :Laugh:
Until official streams come some sunny day, I'm just keeping these on air for ppl to chat and adjusting the possible requests to change music and what's seen on screen, so ask and vote for those with eachother, I'm sure bunch of grownups can handle things by themselves :Smirk:
Bar/lounge opens usually half an hour before the games, or by demand.

(Edit. oh, and if the stream crashes or something is off-set like volume, let me know. Last time the damn thing crashed in the beginning, cos had only 8GB RAM on pc and did a lot of other stuff meanwhile in the background. Upgraded it to 32GB yesterday, so shouldn't be a problem now..)

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