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UO Bucharest Community Side Event


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I'm currently looking into the possibility of running a live side event exclusively for community members who make it to UO Bucharest. There'll be no buyin requirements, but we'll throw in some prizes (and drinks!) and whoever is at the event from the Poker and Community Teams will also take part. It'll mainly be a way to hang out and play poker together for a few hours and hopefully put some faces too all of the names on here! If anyone from this forum qualifies between now and December and would like to enter just let me know in this thread, I'm aiming to run the event on the evening of December 3rd (Day 2) before we all head off to the players party. :) 

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― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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 Great idea.Will be a great opportunity to meet some of the members from here and share some poker skills and some drinks.Sign me in for sure.Can't miss this event in my own country :D

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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What a great idea DavidP. I'm in like flint... Just missed the last Open in Romania because of Visa issues, but have plenty of time now. Would be nice to put some faces to names and test their live poker skills. Looking forward very much to this event. Thanx Unibet and all the Peeps @ Unibet for all the hard work that make it possible. See you all in December.


  P.S. Its my birthday a week after the event and I'm planning on spending some of my winnings hosting a little birthday party over in Romania. All Netbet players and staff welcome. Details to follow...


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What a great suggestion. Thats gonna be a tremendous fun. 

I hope I will manage to win my package this very time. As I ve plenty of time, I m quite optimistic. 

Would rather have a deep run in the Main Event to be honest 🤣

Great new smiley faces by the way. ♥️


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@FreedoM wrote:

Sounds awesome, it will be nice to have some tags like. (Hello My name is .... and i'm from the unibet community). Hope i qualify for bucharest. :peace:


@FreedoM. I can order some sweatshirts or training jackets with some sort of community graphic printed on them :)

Feel free to suggest a design - would probably be best to do this in a new thread  :)

@An1mal wrote:

Hi, i am in

@An1mal. As in you've already got a package, or you will try and qualify? :)

@1Bet wrote:

I won last night a package to UO Bucharest :D nickname ManiacFish,so we see there guys,who is with me ? :D

@1Bet. Congrats! Looking forward to meet you :)

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This is not a good idea...Far too many people will be deliberately knocking themselves out from the depressing grind to be where the fun and banter will be.

A beer or two and i might be persuaded to deal poker 

A black russian and i can be persuaded to deal roulette and bj

A cognac and i can be persuaded for anything you want

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