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Another milestone in the books! 200 000!

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It really doesn't feel like a community tournament when you were already at 2 tables and you are yet to see a familiar nickname at the tables... @ReCorpH did I understand correctly from the first post and only members that use the community alias or a similar one will be able to win prizes?

Anyways, GLGL to all community members that are using the correct alias and hopefully we'll meet later in the tournament at the tables¬†ūüėÉ:cash:

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@BillyR23 , there is no rule to use the community alias for these torunaments.

That rule is a copy/paste from community ones and it says "extra prizes and bagdes" , none of which are available for this one :

"You must play Community tournaments with a poker alias identical, or very similar to your community alias to be eligible for extra prizes and badges.

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For the last one I will put longer levels for sure, I was expecting "a few" more players in this one, hence the levels need to be quite fast. :) Good value for the ones entered tho! For the 1k the levels will be a minute longer, and for the restricted 500 the levels will be 2-3 minutes longer. :)

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