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From Poker Donk To Winning Monk


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Yeah I think the check makes sense (probably bet would be default), a general rule I have heard is that the higher the pocket pair, the more checkable it is (for example AA is the least vulnerable to overcards and also blocks some A high calling range).

I didn't realize you could copy HH, maybe only on the downloadable client (or else I'm an idiot and haven't found it yet :p)? Hopefully that sort of functionality comes soon to the browser client too. It would def be possible to create some sort of script that runs through the Unibet HH and converts it to a popular format (e.g stars format) that is recognized by all converters.

Haha was me then in the KK vs QQ, yeah K22 sounds familiar, though not sure of it all came on the flop. I think you still had runner runner spade equity on the flop but I might remember wrong also. That hand was a bit of a setup admittedly, next time maybe you will manage to stack me :p

Yeah I think timing tells might be one of my bigger leaks. Especially with 4 tables I have usually decided what I'm going to do on most tables before the action is on me, so I tend to act pretty quick, unless there is a lot going on on other tables. Of course it's still easier to act fast with very clear decisions like with the KK. I would 4bet bluff sometimes, I 4 bet AQo once during the same session. But yeah I have a lot of AA, KK, QQ, AK there, maybe some AQo or A5s type hands as bluffs ocasionally (or wider vs aggro 3bettors, I 4bet jammed 77 for value in yesterdays session vs an aggro maniac 50 bb shortstacker, though I ran into 99 that time lol).


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That general rule does check out as AA can be a frequent check back on dry boards as no protection at all needed.

QQ hand was my mistake anyway as you say you might mix in A5s or AQo but MP 3b vs UTG is already strong as it is unless UTG is a weaker player and generally in the 100NL pool a 4b from the BTN will almost never be a bluff imo. 

Yes running a script to get hand histories sounds possible but against the rules? It still is a whole block of text so personnaly I'm not the biggest fan of it, it takes a while to read it all and you can't see pot size. A hand replayer for the hand history would be great too.

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Yeah that's a good point about the narrow UTG ranges and I agree that pool underbluffs that spot (and underbluffs in general also).

What I meant by the script is a script where you can copy paste a Unibet hand history into (manually), and then that script converts the hand history to a format that a more popular poker site uses (and then you could paste the output into e.g hand replayer, solver etc. whatever you want). I don't really see how that would be against the rules? Basically, it would just be a Unibet dedicated hand history converter script. I'm not talking about datamining/web scraping the Unibet hand histories on a large scale, that I think would be against the rules indeed.

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Not too much happening with the bankroll last few days, bit down but not much being 100NL. Not getting a good run and some weird pots too, here is one vs a rec:

I'm UTG, open AQo, folds up to the REC in the BB who 3b me, ok I call him being a REC. Decent flop for me but he checks lol, ok I like to bet for protection incase he has AK type of hand and obv because he is a REC. c/r hmm ok I call AA KK? check turn very bizar. Q river well that best card for me, I have the best Q hand and beat his AA KK now and he shoves the river... what? I jammed over it as he had only 0.14 left orso so ignore that. I just don't see what he can have that 3b pre and has us beat other than AQ or very weird played AA KK? Answer in spoiler 😃

Table €100 NL - 0.50/1.00 - No Limit Hold'Em 
*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: REC (€92.50)
Seat 2: HERO (€101.36)
Seat 3: Player 2 (€129.94)
Seat 4: Player 3 (€124.30)
Seat 5: Player 4 (€119.50)
Seat 6: Player 5 (€214.34)
*** Blinds and button ***
Player 4 has the button
Player 5 posts small blind €0.50
REC posts big blind €1
*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in Player 5
Dealt to REC [ ? ? ]
Dealt to HERO [Qd Ac]
Dealt in Player 2
Dealt in Player 3
Dealt in Player 4
*** Preflop ***
HERO raises €2.50 to €2.50
Player 2 folds
Player 3 folds
Player 4 folds
Player 5 folds
REC raises €6.25 to €7.25
HERO calls €4.75
*** Flop *** [4s Qs 7h]
REC checks
HERO bets €5
REC raises €13 to €13
HERO calls €8
*** Turn *** [4s Qs 7h] [6d]
REC checks
HERO checks
*** River *** [4s Qs 7h] [6d] [Qc]
REC bets €72.11
HERO raises €81.11 to €81.11, and is all-in
REC calls €0.14, and is all-in
Uncalled bet returned to HERO: €8.86

*** Showdown ***
REC shows [4h 4d], Full House
HERO shows [Qd Ac], Three of a kind, Queens
REC wins €182.50
*** Summary ***
Total pot €185.50 Rake €3
Seat 1: REC: bet €92.50 and won €182.50, net result: €90
Seat 2: HERO: bet €101.36 and won €8.86, net result: €-92.50

/roll eyes emoticon



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Still waiting on last months results but here are a few random hands, in general not running the best vs recs. 70k bonus points atm and about 2 buy ins or €200 down for the month. Def got to work on my game as there are more regs at 100NL and mistakes that might not matter too much playing lower stakes are starting to hurt the bankroll more now. But I feel pretty sound playing 100NL, not playing scared money and not massively impressed by the other regs so thats all good. I remember moving up from 10NL/25NL to 50NL I felt more of a barrier and was maybe a bit intimidated by the more aggro regs. But my game has evolved since then and my own game has become more aggro as well. All I need now is some run good for life 😛


Still playing a few hands on RIO now and then, can't win a hand at all on there though, only got €250 left but getting very uninterested to play lots more. If any promo is going its like 90% regs playing in a small pool and running terrible at the same time it's just no point in playing there. Played one table yesterday as only 3 others were playing 20NL and the 3 were litterly the biggest fish ever and I just could not win a single hand.

Worst hand was I 4b AA IP and villain calls, flop was 2 high cards and x something and I 3 barreled All-In on river (were a bit deeper)  turn and river were 8 and 6 and he had 86o. Players like these are amazing but not when you run terrible. 

Highly possible that I'll just withdraw the few pennies and play solely at Unibet. As long as my game improves and my winnings I can also get enough hands in to get more 'rakeback' through the challenge system. I got to 400k in the last quarter and I'm now already close to 100k in the first 10 days of the new quarter 😃

Not setting any real goal for this quarter but staying at 100NL and keep on winning (or getting back to winning) is the main thing. Said it before that it's hard to track your own play at Unibet so it's hard to know what is variance and what is bad play. Also my volume isn't crazy high and I know that losing streaks and break even stretches can last for 100k hands easily and that's probably what I play in 1 quarter. Anyway, off we go!

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STILL waiting on last months results...

For the rest, going meh... can't seem to win, break even at the best lately, lose probably 75% of money vs weaker players. Not getting a break from it and for the moment only 2-3 buyins down for the month so it's not bat ❤️♥️❤️ crazy bad but it does make me doubt my play in general. Sure I'm not the poker pro that we all want to be but I think I have my fundamentals right to not just donk stacks left right and center. I still blame it on variance (for now 😀). 

Good thing is I won another super double trouble last week to limit the damage, I should maybe start playing MTT's lol, think I've cashed 3x in the last 5 or so.

It is what it is, still got enough bankroll left to stay at 100NL no problem so not going to put too much thought into this period and just see how it goes. 
Almost at 150k challenge points and projecting this to the 3 months period it means getting to 900k points and the corresponding rakeback / rewards. Would be nice to get there (or maybe further?) as never got that far but would also mean to stay on 100NL which is what I would like to do.

Looking back at when I started with poker again on Unibet at the start of the year, playing 100NL was kind of my goal as I do see it as some kind of achievement for myself. So yeh if I can conclude the year like this, not destroying my bankroll and getting some rewards on top I'd be more than happy with that.

Here a hand from last night: MP and BB are both regs, MP slightly aggro/crazy/random and BB nitty reg.

Table €100 NL - 0.50/1.00 - No Limit Hold'Em
*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: MP (€100.50)
Seat 2: CO (€103.02)
Seat 3: Button (€102.32)
Seat 4: SmallBlind (€85.03)
Seat 5: BigBlind (€173.69)
Seat 6: HERO (€117.73)
*** Blinds and button ***
Button has the button
SmallBlind posts small blind €0.50
BigBlind posts big blind €1

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt to HERO [6s 7s]

*** Preflop ***
HERO raises €2.50 to €2.50
MP calls €2.50
CO folds
Button calls €2.50
SmallBlind folds
BigBlind calls €1.50

*** Flop *** [As 2s Js]
BigBlind checks
HERO checks
MP bets €3.50
Button folds
BigBlind calls €3.50
HERO raises €18 to €18
MP calls €14.50
BigBlind raises €167.69 to €171.19, and is all-in
HERO folds
MP calls €80, and is all-in
Uncalled bet returned to BigBlind: €73.19

*** Showdown ***
*** Turn *** [As 2s Js] [4d]
*** River *** [As 2s Js] [4d] [8d]

MP shows [2d 2h], Three of a kind, Deuces
BigBlind shows [5s 3s], A Flush
BigBlind wins €221.50
*** Summary ***
Total pot €224.50 Rake €3
Seat 1: MP: bet €100.50 and won €0, net result: €-100.50
Seat 3: Button: bet €2.50 and won €0, net result: €-2.50
Seat 4: SmallBlind: bet €0.50 and won €0, net result: €-0.50
Seat 5: BigBlind: bet €173.69 and won €294.69, net result: €121
Seat 6: HERO: bet €20.50 and won €0, net result: €-20.50

What can I say, I'm just so good I can lay that hand down 😛


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Very interesting spot with the flush there! I understand the fold, because neither player should have AA or JJ here, AJ probably won't get it in here in BB shoes. I think the only way that you win here is if "nitty reg" in the big blind either has a worse flush (hard to have worse flushes), 22, or decides to turn something like KsJh into a bluff (or goes nuts in some other way), and then there is still MP to worry about.

GL at the tables, hopefully the luck turns for the better!

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@CuteRaven Pretty standard fold imo, prob easy to call off in higher stakes but not 100NL. I show strength and MP cold calls and BB insta jammed. Happy with my fold, just disgusted seeing the hand. I don't think 53s is an insta jam TBH.

Not the first time I found a fold with the best hand in a multi-way hand. Mostly with fish involved and you are like surely one of them 2 must have the nuts so you fold and you see their hands and all you want to do is puke 🤣

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Yeah I was surprised by the 53 too. I think I would rather have 22 than 53 as BB before the showdown, because at least you have outs against a flush with 22 (well of course there is the straight flush outs for 53 but that is just 1 :p).

I have made that same "mistake" folding the best hand multiway when two whales/maniac players get it in with garbage 🤣

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My idea or impression of higher stakes is that they would get it in with high equity hands so maybe a Kx offsuit with the Ks for the nut draw would make sense I guess but only for the BB hand, MP preflop call isn't really wide especially not to connect with the flop. I'm folding this all day long in my spot anyway as it is so underbluffed, happy days lol.

Anyhow, F that hand, managed to minimise yesterdays loss to about -€150, hope I can continue in the same direction today. Played some 20NL on RIO after that ❤️♥️❤️e session to calm down a bit 🤣 made almost 3 buy-ins and then I just played some 100NL again yesterday night before bed. 

I'm in that €1000 freeroll sunday tournament again, still no clue why I qualify for a private invite, must be something to do with generated rake or so? Hope to win some free money for once, always welcome 🆒

44th place in the flop rake race, absolute waste a time and not worth bothering, which I haven't but that's what I'm at. Who knows, might win a free tenner if I get into the top 40 😏 Also not sure how flops seen works in PLO vs NL, might think more flops are seen at PLO? but could be wrong, also never checked if PLO runs a lot or not. I think PLO would have an advantage in this promo but doesn't matter anyway to me, only top 5 seem worth some bother and even then...


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Busted the freeroll 1st hand.

Still running "hot" in cash games, weak player on my left, got it in with QQ vs his KK bvb... just unlucky there but then this came up vs same guy, he 3b me I 4b and he calls,
I c/r the flop and then just jammed turn for whatever was left, when is it my turn to run hot hot hot?



Other news, regged late for €500 Space Madness Bounty as still had 2 tickets laying around and took it down! €142.26 profit :Cool: came in as shorty at the final table or 2nd shorty so done well.


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Just a wee update again, ended in the top 40 again in the floprace so that's another free tenner lol, stupid enough there is no notification as far as I know to say I have received it which I think is poor. Im not bothered about the €10 but it's good to get a confirmation of your 'win' as now I have to go and search through my poker history which is just daft.

Beside that, 'managed' to have a win in the freeroll flip tournament, not massive but it's free I guess. Not sure if I'm still going to get a free invite now I had a cash in it as still not sure what the requirements are lol. Hope it has something to do with rake paid as I don't mind getting a weekly free shot at some money 😀


Definitely been playing more since the start of the new quarter, on 260k challenge points now and my goal is probably 10k points a day average or 900k by the end of the year / quarter. Maybe see if I can push it to the 1M which would be another €500 but will see, depends on work / holidays. First see if I can maintain the 10k a day average, obviously it's less during the work week but then more during the weekend but that's the average.

For the rest, poker still going average, bankroll still (only) a few buy-ins down but just can't seem to break through this break even nonsense. Starting to wonder if it's my play lol. All Ins are going :Puking: Some examples here, 1st one is from 2 days ago, all the rest from today:


Some weird regs about, like some don't top up to 100bb all the time like they have all their money on the tables maybe and playing too many tables at once? You can see them with a 250bb stack and then a 60bb stack it's very bizar. 


So yeh, that's how it keeps going, I just seem to be losing vs idiots all the time and it's hard work to keep recovering. Everytime you lose a flip it's a buyin that you have to recover before you make a profit so... the only good thing is that my bankroll is still holding up to play 100NL and at this moment there is no need whatsoever to move down anyway. All in all 100NL is still pretty soft imo as regs still make a lot of basic mistakes (myself included :Laugh:) and there are enough recs about too so all I need is a bit of a good run lol.

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@Dennis__  Was same on Sunday, you have these random button clicking people but every time I got a decent hand they got the better one or they win the flip. Remember 2 hands similar to each other, reg opens, rec calls and I squeeze with QQ reg folds, rec raises or goes all in, easy call and they show KK. Other hand was similar but I had KK and they had AA lol, it's like a bloody set up. Sad thing is then x amount of hands later another reg got a top hand and the rec jams it with some random dodgy hand and loses his stack... I mean what do you do right.

EDIT: I once mentioned this before but I'm going to try to keep track of my preflop all ins starting next month. Any stackdepth. Not always handy as I do play a bit on pc and iPad so I'll try to keep a wee note on my phone.

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