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From Poker Donk To Winning Monk


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Moaning post update, prob the worst I've run so far this year, never had a bad streak like this, omg doing my head in! almost 8 buy-ins down at NL50 today.


Probably donked 2 stacks away just out of frustration *tilt* :Puking:, will need a miracle to make any profit this month, 4 buy-ins down since start of the month... better be a hell of a weekend :Rofl: bloody doomswitch!

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Boom, we made it! 😛 ended the month in the positive, not gigantic but still +€243 Unibet and RIO combined. Happy enough with it, been a hell of a time since end of July, hope it's just variance and not me getting worse at poker 🤣

Waiting on 50NL results for the accurate unibet stats, might be another week lol.

Just a few points away from the 250k challenge reward and think I'm just going to save up my bonus points till I have enough to buy a €500 playthrough bonus. Just taking the lower variance route! But that will be for like December or so as only got 250 points atm. Think my goal before the re-set is to get to the 400k reward, should be achievable if I get enough hands in. Might need a small extra effort to get there.

2 hands from today, one from a reg on unibet, thanks for donating me a buy-in, much appreciated and well needed haha,
second one is from RIO, running bad there as well, F me! 


Oh yeh, also have a super double trouble and double trouble to play again, let's get lucky again for a good start of September! 🆒

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Well no luck for the trouble tourneys, ended 150 or whatever rank in the normal one with 100 paid and ended 23rd in the super trouble one with 10 paid, close but no cigar.

Got the stats in of last month and made €123 or just over 1bb/100 🤣 still winning though! 😏  played 2k less hands than in July which is not bad as I had 2 weeks off in July. Hope to get more in this month and at least get the 400k challenge reward. Just passed the 250k one so that's 10k bonus points bagged. 

Lets get September back on track and make it a decent winning month! Oh was already 1 buy in down yesterday oops!

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Well not a good start so far, 3 days gone and 3 losing days, down 6 buy-ins and probably donked 3-4 away out of frustration 😠 Runbad doing my nut in but I need to regroup and just get through it, not happy with the bit of tilt but whatever...

Was looking for a recording software but only just found out windows has its own recording software which is good enough for what I need it for. Press windows key/icon and G to bring up the 'Windows Game Bar' (windows 10). Gonna give this a go and play a session then review it later, see if my thinking changes when going over hands again and can also use it together with Equilab or something. It will be interesting :atisfied:

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4 losing days followed by 4 winning days, up about €300 for the month... at the moment 😏
Had some really good rungood last few days, for a change! Very welcome!

Had this hand today, UTG minraises, MP calls, BTN 3bets, I 4bet, BB jams and I didn't see BTN had called 🤣 so I just called as well, I could see myself fold here to be honest... but luckily I didn't! Both are regs so... I'll take it 🆒

Trying to play every day, even enough to get my free spins, adds a few Bonus Points from time to time. Challenge points at around 275k and still aiming for 400k at least before end of this month and the reset. Hope I can make a steady profit too again this month. Had enough of the runbad, maybe the QQ is a sign, up and onwards from here on 🤣

in before 10 buy in downswing tomorrow lol
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And just to add that I'm not using that windows game bar to record anymore as it is designed for recording games and it only records the first table you open and nothing else 🤣 But I found something better, OBS Studio, easy peasy software records the entire desktop 🆗

2 hands from tonight, bit weird 1st hand, he donked out on the flop and I raised and he re-raised, then he jammed the turn and I called, was kinda expecting a set but ok... weird play being a bit deeper, and I'm a fish can't fold AA 😛


Next hand is vs a weak player, he limps on BTN, I limp behind in SB and BB checks. Mono flop, BTN bets I call BB folds, same on the turn and river bricks out for single club hands but I don't make a boat either so what do we do, I checked again and face this bet... fold call or raise? 

Bloody jam it! Embrace the variance if they have a flush or a straight 🤣🤣🤣
And he called lol.

Peace out!

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Hi P0kerM0nk,

There’s a Free Poker Ticket in your account right now. It’s for a Freeroll Flip Tournament so all you need to do is register in time and see how far you can go.

Just 500 players have been invited to this tournament worth £1000, so come back in time to see how your ticket fares. Don’t fold when you can check.


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Winning decent amounts of money almost every month isn't bad at all :D. I guess there are people who would still consider it microstakes, but even already at the €50 stakes I generally don't have the patience to fold enough preflop to win significant amounts if at all (at least with the 4 table limit in the browser client) :P. AIso the rake isn't super bad but it arguably is not great either at those stakes, which makes it a bit tougher. I like it best when the tables get short handed towards the early morning hours.

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Just going to make this a quick update, still grinding away, trying to get to the 400k challenge points and at 326k atm. Should be achievable. Also past €3000 bankroll now but still want to keep playing 50NL atm, might see how rest of month goes and what I'll do from the 1st of October, might mix in some NL100 but will see.

Received a Special Flip Ticket again lol, not sure how or why but that's 2 weeks in a row. Wonder how people get selected for this. Hope I end up in the money this time, pretty decent rewards for doing nothing 🆒

Overall, been playing a bit better lately, I nitted up a bit with rivercalls and calling in general, people just don't bluff as much overall so think it works overfolding more. But also running better again than past 1-2 months so that has helped as well. As I'm trying to get to 400k challenge points my time off the tables suffers a bit but trying to keep it balanced. Hope last week and half go as well as at the moment and might even withdraw some money for the 1st time :cash::cash::cash:

Also regged for 2 UOS Rebuy tournaments (Mid and Low) for tomorrow, just using my tickets up, bit of a waste if I won't play these having a free buy-in. Got 2 more €10 tickets to use so will see what I'll play with these later on.

Boom boom, good luck at the tables 😛

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4.5 days to go before the reset :wow: hope we can do this, 48k points to go to reach 400k challenge points which is my target, going to be tight, challenges not going my way 😠

Was stuck on this 'make a flush or better on the flop' for a long time, not played loads during the week but I think I played at least 10h and 4 tables just to complete the 2/2...


And we finally got there, took a while djeez!


And now on this one, played 2h whilst 6 tabling and still 0/5... 


Most important will be the challenge point score Sunday evening as won't have loads of time Monday to Wednesday as I'm at work then...

C'mon we can do this! One time 😏

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