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From Poker Donk To Winning Monk


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  • 2 weeks later...

Will be doing another update soon, just haven't come around to it yet. Partially because I've been waiting for my stats from Unibet, received it twice now but first time they sent me cash/sng/mtt etc and said all cash so not sure if it was accurate so requested it again. Then they sent me a ZIP file but once unzipped I couldn't open the file lol.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it is to send a bloody file, poker has been a part of Unibet for a long time now and yet it's a hit or miss to get a proper file from support.

Anyway, last month I was up €930 ish with €300 being from rewards and for the rest I can't remember. I think I started counting from the 2nd of January so my actual stats might be different once I get them. I remember it said something like €250 up for last month which I couldn't understand. Maybe the leaderboard reward of last month had something to do with it. 

Also had some probs with my pc/router connection, wasn't letting me access certain sites like hotmail and unibet lol. Took a long time to figure out what was happening but eventually found what was wrong. I had connection issues with the poker client before where graphics wouldn't display properly and that's fixed too now.

Only played 6k hands this month so not the best volume but running well so far. I know I'm going to jinx myself but going to say it anyway, might hit 5k bankroll this month 🙊 😂

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  • 2 weeks later...

PC / internet connection worked fine for about 2 days and now it's back to this weird issue with not connecting some sites etc etc, don't really get what's going on. Sometimes it works when I clear cache and cookies, then next time it doesn't. It's mostly hotmail and Unibet for some random reason. Have re installed google chrome (although same issue on Microsoft Edge) but then forgot to save my bookmarks so lost all of them as well lol. Starting to piss me off.

Also changing job soon hopefully, had an interview last week just waiting to hear back, hopefully before end of this month. Will affect the amount I can play poker but that's to be seen.

Haven't played a massive volume so far this month, almost 14k hands now, good result so far nonetheless. Games have been pretty good at 50NL I must admit and it's good to run good too. Almost forgotten the terrible run from last year.

Guess we won't see any hard stats anymore as really cba with this new stats request BS. 👎

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  • 3 weeks later...

@KrustyTheClownHere we are, I waited till the start of March to request my stats again for both months and they have come through, and no (more) password this time! 🥰 😂

So 'made' €932 in January and €429 in February, these numbers are actual profit/loss on the tables + bonus money etc etc, also place a few sports bets here and there just for a punt, no big amounts - €10 here and there - but can affect the number but I don't keep track of it. Mostly lose money on bets 😅

From stats:
January: €264.52 profit over 36,631 hands = 1.44 bb/100
February: €333.56 profit over 17,785 hands = 3.75 bb/100

There is a discrepancy in January where I counted January the 1st towards December as that was the end of the week, that day I lost €445 lol, can't even remember but I know that's when I won the leaderboard. If I were to ignore that day I would have ran at 5+ bb/100 for January haha but that's all whatever anyway.

Checking the last 4 months where I played 50NL only, I ran at +0.56 bb/100 over 140k hands, I'm a winning poker player 😂

So far I have flirted twice with the 5k mark, coming 2 buy ins away (twice!) just to get destroyed again after. I mostly check my losing hands the day after or few days later and I must say there aren't many hands where I think I made a big mistake as far as my knowledge goes. This makes me actually wonder if a 10 bb/100 profit is realistic over the long run. Maybe playing nittier would work but it's not something that interests me a lot to just sit and wait on premium hands all day as you don't learn much post flop play that way and I wouldn't enjoy it either.

So far this month I've only played about 5k hands, not much motivation and I'm not too sure why lol. Just a few hands away from having played 600k hands 😲 Should get a few in this weekend.

Still got some issues with my internet, still no idea what the problem is, did a whole pc reset and still same, starting to think I need to replace the router or something.

Also starting a new job in a weeks time so I won't be doing any commuting by car anymore but just walk or cycle. Will be 12h day and night shifts with enough days off in between but no idea how it will impact poker as a whole, time will tell. 

Still working my way through the €500 playthrough bonus I received from loyalty lvl 6 - 1st step and I've almost cleared 4/5. Then still have a €20 playthough, a RAKE 600 GET 120 which I prob won't do and a €50 playthrough after.  40,595 Bonus Points in the bank.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Currently 21 buy ins down for the month, absolute BS yet again. Don't think I had a winning session in the last 2 weeks apart from some break even ish session. Just played an hour and 2 buy ins down, AA-AK all in pre no good, AA-KK all in pre no good, called a 3b with 77 get to the river and flop a boat, no good as villain had flopped a boat with 99... 

I've noticed that my result in general depends a lot on how good the all in graph looks, last month was 16 lost vs 33 won and January was even better I think, compare that to this month which is 26 lost vs 27 won... crap.

Calculated rake paid for January and February and I paid 6.88 bb/100 in rake.

Just passed the 50k bonus point mark again and I'm tempted to take all the money off again and buy 2 tickets for 25NL.

Started last Monday on my new job and will be going on shifts next week Saturday and I'll make as much money a month as I have in my bankroll right now so does feel like a waste of time putting all these hours in for no result. So yeh prob do like I done before and start off with some tickets again and no real money and then see where we get again from there, probably play a much lower volume over the summer. 18k hands played this month so far. Shite result.

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