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Tournament nerd going for gold in Cashgames? Uctionpoker NL4 Bankroll challenge


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Hi Guys! 

After a long break from playing somewhat serious poker (actually trying to win and not just gambling in way to high i buy ins). I want to make an effort to actually make poker a side income again. 

With my current jobschedule i am not able to put in enough volume in MTTs, and with a more or less dead SNG field i have decided to try my luck in cash games. I have grown more and more fond of the freedom it provides and it fits well into my work schedule as well.

I promise myself to update this thread every Tuesday. This should make it easier to have some sort of leverage over the lazy ass future me. 

I am no proven winning player in cash games and will start at the lowest stakes while following a cash game course made by Jonathan Little.

Starting bankroll: 100 Euro
Stakes: 4 NL /  4 Tables
Weekly Volume: 10 Hours Grinding + 5 hours Study. 

I wish everyone that red this far into the thread good luck at the tables!

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HI Guys! 

Played 12 hours of NL 4 this week, my study goal was also completed :) 

My NL 4 Bankroll is now 112,66 Euro.

However, i have also been playing a couple of MTTs, mostly The Black Hole and the Shooting Star Bounty. BOth 5 euro buy in. I even binked The black hole today! :) 


I will not count this to my cashgame bankroll, but it was a nice MTT none the less. 

Until next friday i will be travelling a lot with my job, and wont be home until next wednesday. So i dont know much i will be able to play. Will update the thread none the less. 








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