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Release notes 2.43 and downtime


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Release date: 16 June
Next release: 18 August (no July release due to vacation period)

This release includes the new HexaPro Banzai game format; a faster type of HexaPro. To celebrate the launch of the game format, we're also introducing a new Jackpot Mania promotion format. The new Jackpot Mania only runs during set "Happy Hours", we're boosting both 100x and 1000x, the boosted multiplier will hit significantly faster, and the RTP is higher! We'll run no less than 8 boosts a day, with 4 starting in the afternoon and 4 running in the evening (only one active at a time).

Of other notable development it's worth mentioning that we've shared the very first alpha build of the redesigned client with a small group of customers. These customers will continue to get new versions of the software as it's developed, and when we get closer to the public launch, I'm planning to share it with more community members for further feedback.

We've also got a long list of improvements/additions to the HexaPro only client (https://www.unibet.com/poker/poker-browser-new-hexapro), which I won't add to this post.


  • HexaPro Banzai Jackpot Mania – 24th June – 24th July
  • European Bounty Cup 12th June – 12th July
  • Summer Bootcamp 6 July – 30th Aug
  • Daily HexaPro race 20 July – 23 Aug
  • July Mission
  • August Mission


Improvements/New features

  • HexaPro Banzai:
    • New HexaPro format, new section in HexaPro lobby
    • Stakes: €1, €2, €5 and €10
    • Starting stack = 300
    • Blind levels 1 mins across all stakes and multipliers
    • Same blind structure as traditional HexaPro but no antes
    • Same time to act and timebank as traditional HexaPro
    • Shorter lottery animation – approx. half the length
    • Same EV Rake, 6,853%
    • Traditional” HexaPro and HexaPro Banzai tickets will be available in Bonus Shop



  • Denmark will see the loyalty payouts increased to a flat 25 % from the 1st of July


Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with bigger pay jump between 8 -> 7 than 7 -> 6 for the “17%top” prize distribution.
  • Fixed issue with rebuy made instead of addon if addon was made while tables where rebalancing.
  • In MTT main lobby when tournament is on break the Players column only showed players left as visible, now players left and all players count are shown.
  • WEB and mobile, if HexaPro was played (and it had multiplier > 5x) before the Trophy in the Play Another screen was not shown if you won the HexaPro, fixed now.



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 16/06/2020 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier.

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I really don't understand why the rake would be the same on Hexapro Banzai as normal Hexapro, specially when you use 1% rake on the Banzai cashgames. Rake should be adjusted depending on the speed of the mtt, sng or hexapro. I would expect normal rake for slow and normal, turbos a bit lower and hypers even lower and so on. But hey at least you guys got the best rake on re-entries and rebuys on the market afaik. A bit behind on rake at bounty mtts vs some other sites that use 5% vs your 10%.

Also props for fixing bounty mtt's payout structure, even tho it's not mentioned in this thread.

And finally is there any information on how big that Hexapro Banzai boost is?

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@Fec the regular HP Banzai fee doesn't make a huge difference for now, as we'll be running the JP Mania promotion the first month - while the promo is running, the EV fee is less than 1%, when the 1000x boosts are running (and about twice that when it's the 100x). I expect another JP Mania promo to start already in August. I do agree that the fee should be slightly lower for HP Banzai, but let's first see if the format takes off during the promo :) it's more development work to change the multiplier distribution.

Poker Product Manager

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@Stubbe-Unibet wrote:

@FreedoM, possibly a bit before, and there might even be another two UOS this year ;)


@conmebol99, afraid there'll be no nano leaderboard for the short summer series. It'll be higher buyins only. Nano will be back with UOS in September :)

Oh man, i'm exited but at the same time a bit worried, running 3x UOS or even 2x seems a lot in a 4-6 month period. From a monetary standpoint but mostly from a enjoyment standpoint especially in MTTs where you kinda lose for the most part until you bink something and then you go again on the roller coaster ride of pain until you bink again. But i guess you guys have the numbers and know what are the best decisions to make.


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