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Direct buyin for live tournaments via client


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I was wondering if Unibet is planning on having a direct buyin option for live tournaments through the poker client?

I know on other sites that run sat. for live events they also have a direct buyin option available. Was this ever considered

for Unibet sponsered live tournaments?

I think for out of continent players like me it would be beneficial, because i can secure an entry and do not have to carry extra cash.

Taking large amounts of cash through customs is a pain in the a**.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I looked through the client quickly, & found this


Is this what you were looking for? Direct buyin? If so, there's a few if you expand tournament lobby & scroll down.

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Normally the side events at these things are organised by the casino rather than by us.  It makes it harder to organise wiring the money etc, in some jurisdictions it's a total nightmare.  That's the only reason we don't have it at the moment for many events.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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