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First one no go.


Can you please reconsider bringing back Omaha Shooting Star 1e tournaments? Two a day with 50e GTD, there is place for them at 12:45CET, 13:45CET, 16:45CET, 17:45CET, 19:45CET 20:45CET with 1 re-entry maybe[would be great for GTDs]. There will be no overlays in those either way.

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My . @Leo-Unibet 

The GTDs were lowered so drastically. Now the paid places are just two and this is one of the reasons the two new step-it-ups to be less popular than the old one. It has 2-3 times bigger GTD and was played regularly with almost no overlay. Now the prizepool is divided between the two new ones, and the players aren't thrilled about the change, as it seems.

Another thing is the start time - there are so many MTTs esp. at 20:00-24:00... Even the micro grinders who play exclusively here might just prefer to register 2-3 more lucrative ones. Maybe such type of qualifiers should start few hours earlier(and to be 1-2hrs apart).

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