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UK tour ticket - online


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Hello. I won a ticket to UK tour a while back. I thought to combine a nice holiday trip with poker. But then I won tickets to unibet open paris and one deep stack open and international poker open in ireland. So I just had so many events that I postponed the ticket. And then when the next even came I had 2 more unibet open tickets and one deepstack ticket so I had kind of given up on the ticket because I'm already travelling so much for unibet events. But now that the UK event has gone online I thought to ask if I can get an online ticket in exchange for that. 

I'm aware that if we go strictly by the terms and conditions I can't demand this, so I'm just asking nicely. If there was overlay on some UK event I'm completely happy that my money went to the price pool. But if it didn't I feel that it is more fair that the money doesn't go to Unibet. I feel that the rake belongs to Unibet and even an value of unused ticket belongs to players and not to the organizers. Anyways, it is Unibet's decision but I feel that it would be a fair decision if I would either get a ticket or the money would go to price pool (-rake obviously). But it isn't a huge deal either way I'll be a happy customer even if I  my request gets refused. 

And as a side note, I got an email from my deepstack open ticket and was happy to turn it into an online ticket and the online ticket hasn't appeared on my account yet. There is still plenty of time before the event but it was 9 days ago so I have a feeling it might have fallen through some cracks. 


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