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Few days ago i found youtube video posted maybe month ago about Unibet bingo and after that decide to try this 14 free days of bingo.. In video dude explaining how its biggest scam on online bingo platform and only in few days i see he has a point... Everyday same 2-3 winners and that winners are with same nicknames like in his video which was posted month ago and that room is open  only 14 days for new people... Same goes for big jackpots  player Bingerof also wins everyting in his video and its not just that name  in his video BingeroFF, Bingeroff, Binger0ff, Bingerof666  and many more similar nickname with same currency RON  its 99% that is same cheater.

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And what is your point? 

To be honest everyone know that this bingo see the same winners every day.

I played this bingo maybe 2 years ago but played only because of mini games and after they screwd up loyality wheel i dont play on unibet

This guys will just ignore you or delete this topic maybe someone will answer that "Bingerof" is most common nickname in Romania and thats it.. 14 Free days are made only for cheaters and Unibet knows that, thats why there is never chat moderetaror there..

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