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Weird avatars and emoticons popping up in strange places


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 Did s o m ething happen to the forum and/or storage space when you updated the emoticons? The avatars look really weird/only showing "placeholders" - at least for those who have uploaded their own. (The community ones, like mine, still look okay.)


Also, since the change it seems like every word that starts with the letters "s o m" turns into a tongue emoticon: something someone etc. Maybe there's a similar issue with other words as well, but this is the only one I've noticed so far. Makes s o m e posts look quite funny. :Samme:

On another note, one little thing I miss with the new batch of emoticons is that you can't see the "meaning" of each one in writing when you mouse over them, like you could before. Just makes it easier to choose the right one, so is this s o m ething that's fairly simple to fix?

 EDIT: Apparently inserted pics don't show up either, so s o m ething is definitely off...

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You can't see meaning by hovering over them but when you click one, it'll show you in text what the meaning is, then you can just delete if you want another. Hovering is definitely more convinient.

Updating the emoticons did mess up a lot of things, here's the placeholder instead of custom avatar:


Hopefully all these issues are resolved in the morning 😃

Edit: Same problem with inserting picture.

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