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Monopolist Skrill/Neteller


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Hello everyone,

I was a little wondering where I typing this post and in the end I decided write in "Off topics," but I think, lack here heading for payment.

Ok let's get back to the point, that monopoly Skrill / Neteller.

As for me, from gambling should suspend payments through: Skrill / Neteller, or enter another eWallet, because as we know, not long ago Neteller took Skrill, and thereby monopolized the market for the payment of gambling through virtual wallets.

By introducing such high fees immediately I thought to myself: "I have to find some alternative." But then I would have to move away from Unibet, and this is not good for Me.

I understand that they want to earn, but no analysis of the markets unless stated that in every country wages are the same.
For example: in Germany, Monthly minimum wages is EUR 1,440.00, and in Poland EUR 417.02. The difference everyone sees, and when Skrill introduces a fee 5,50EUR for payout to a bank account, for a user from Poland is ~1.32% of the monthly payment, where the people of Germany is only ~0.38% of the monthly payment.

Therefore, it seems to me that should not treat everyone equally.

I analyzed the market a little bit, and I think the future is BTC (bitcoins). As the owner of a company dealing with online marketing, go ahead and say that the gambling company, which will introduce payment BTC, it will have a much higher turnover.

I would add that in Poland btc is not considered a means of payment, and so the Poles can play for btc with bookmakers registered in the European Union and then the VAT is 0%. According to the EU directive on intra-community exchange of goods and services.

I hope that the CEO Unibet will consider and lawyers check the legal form of what is in Malta and that Unibet Group will be one of the first companies to introduce this trend-payment method, which is bitcoin.

And then other companies introduce btc, and will not be a monopoly in this sector. I will lower costs for the players, of which I, and certainly a large number of users will be very pleased.

For those who do not know yet:

Changes for ordinary accounts:

Changes coming into effect on 31 August 2016

  • Withdrawals to Visa cards: €3.95

Changes coming into effect on 17 October 2016:

  • User Inactive Fee: €2
  • Send Money Fee: 1.9%, cap €20
  • Upload Funds to NETELLER Fee: 3%
  • Bank Withdrawal Fee: €5.50
  • FX Fee: 3.99


Changes for VIP accounts:

Planned fee changes that will come into effect on 17 October 2016:

  • Bank Withdrawal Fee: €5.50 for Bronze level
  • FX Fee: 3.79% for Bronze level, 2.89% for Silver level, 2.59% for Gold level, 1.99% for Diamond level
  • Send Money Fee: 1% for all VIP levels
  • Send Money Fee Cap: €10.00 for Bronze level, €2.00 for Silver, Gold and Diamond levels


Do you have the same opinion as I?

Maybe do you think otherwise? Speak up now and here!


Yet at the end of I quote about the mission Unibet:

Our mission is to focus on the needs of the customer to deliver better products and service, increased transparency and a safer player environment."


"Life is too long to play bad cards." -- Frank Di Elsi
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I have mixed feelings on Bitcoins. It's a good payment option to have for people that are interested but I feel the # of people who will actually use will be quite low because of all the steps you have to take to setup/receive your money. First you have to open an E-Wallet, then you have to purchase Bitcoins, then if you do decide to withdraw, you have to convert those Bitcoins back into cash(Through direct trade, or online exchange).

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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Thanks a lot for posting this , we understand the concerns you have as an ewallet user and I spoke to the payments team about it. They're very interested  in hearing more from the community on how and why you use your ewallet solution. As the fees are increasing for you, they are for us as well, so we'd love to hear more about just how important it is, vs. e.g. doing a bank transfer for a withdrawal instead :)

We are working on alternative solutions for our members, but it's doubtful that bitcoins is one of them.  has a good point, that probably very few people would use it as the convenience of the setup is a bit tedious. Another thing, that we as a company can't control but has to take into consideration, is that there in the general public is a negative stigma when it comes to bitcoins - in fact, unless you're doing research on the subject, most of the time you hear about bitcoins is in connection to the dark web and how it's used for payments there - to put it mildly, that's a a less than great connection for us if we were to offer this solution.

Former Community Manager
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Maybe you're right, but the competition is not sleeping and the first company already has options for deposit and withdrawal BTC. I will analyze and carefully watched. I think that in a month will publish the report.
"Life is too long to play bad cards." -- Frank Di Elsi
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