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My son deposited money of his account into my account.


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Hi there,

I am writing this post regarding the outrageous situation that just happened.

Year back, I was in contact with Unibet in order to make sure that nobody but me would be able to deposit the money onto my account with the money because of the ongoing problems with my family.

After waking up, I have noticed that somebody has deposited nearly £1400 into my account (yes, £1400) without any check from the website. After speaking with boys, one of my kids deposited the money from his account into mine account and probably lost it, as I don't see it on my account and in withdrawals.  I have noticed unibet to make sure that nobody will deposit the money into my account if the bank credentials won't be the same as mine, however it was allowed and my son, which has been seeking help for gambling problems deposited the money even that it should not be allowed as the account is made on my details. I would be grateful if you could resolve the situation with me as I could not email you and this chat was the only thing I could find on your website.


Thank you,


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