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I only play bingo and poker, the rest I'm self excluded from as I don't like them type of games.
I play bingo a bit when I'm online and like the loyalty spins, last week I had a few loyalty spins as I'd leveled up and I gave them a spin, one of them gave me 10 free spins on a slot game, which to me is no use as I've personally excluded myself from playing as youll be able to see from my account, this are no use to me, I find it unfair I've levelled up on bingo loyalty spend my hard earned money and then been given something that I can use, I don't find that loyal from a customer's side of the table.
I'm sure you can exchange them or credit me for them as you know full well I can't play them.
I hope this email reaches a manger if possible to review this. 
Thanks for reading.
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Hi @Vinnnny , 

Thank you for your feedback. 

Unfortunately, the loyalty wheel cannot identify if you have excluded yourself from the casino (as if you are you cannot use free spins for minigames), which makes earning free spins for you possible. 

Now, what we usually offer to customers who receive free spins but have their casino blocked is to exchange those free spins to bingo vouchers in equivalent value.

I have credited a £2 bingo voucher to your account 😃


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