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Oh Dear... not good


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Hi, I just logged in, took the 15 free spin bonus on temple tumble if I paid in £20 or more - paid in the £20 - played the free spins, won 40p.

I then opted in to the Megaways bonus and started to play Heroes Hunt at 20p a spin. I had about £4 left out of my original £20 left when I got the bonus and won £62 ish from the bonus. I noticed my 300x win did not appear in the leaderboard of the megaways competition.

Then I left Heroes Hunt to go play another slot, but immediately noticed that my account was still at £4.

Where has my win from Heroes Hunt gone?

This is seriously disconcerting, to be gambling on a site that doesn't pay out wins.

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Hey @fluffy,

Did you open the game again? I can't locate the round in question. I see you played Heroes Hunt and left when balance was on £4.01.

If not, could you open the game again and see if the round is unfinished? Let me know either way and I'll look in to it more, to me these seems like the most plausible explanation right now.

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