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Play same alias on different tables and decrease frequency of changing aliases


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I'm sure this idea will be controversial at best :D

Anyway, this is the idea:

- Don't allow one player to play different aliases on different tables

- Allow players to change their alias that they use on the tables a maximum of something like once every 12 or 24 hours

Why? Multiple reasons:

-I think this change will benefit recreational players. Regulars are probably the ones that are generally going to be playing different aliases on different tables (or playing more tables in general) and changing aliases frequently, whereas some recs might not even be aware that it's possible to play different aliases on different tables or they won't care enough to use this feature.

-Bots are becoming an increasing threat to online poker. Players will be able to join the fight against bots if they are able to get a bigger sample sizes against other aliases. If there are any bots at all, surely they will be changing their aliases as often as possible and multitabling, so this change would disincentivize any potential bots. I'm sure Unibet is doing a lot to prevent bots and to me the site seems relatively bot free based on the opponents that I have played, however in the end it's very difficult for players to verify this on their end. Also an anonymous player pool site like this probably at least somewhat of a target because "there are less eyes on them". Hopefully there are no bots and this reason remains a theoretical one (there are also other things that could be done imo like adding captcha to tables).

-I think it's fun when a dynamic develops between players (even if short lived)

-In my opinion players would still be able to change aliases regularly enough to protect recreational players and disincentivize illegal HUDs

Maybe some of my reasoning is flawed however I think this is at least worth considering/discussing.

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