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Time to say goodbye gang


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Everything comes to an end they say and it looks like that the smart people that thought of that are right this time. I have been contemplating this move for quite a while now and we took the decision of moving back home to Budapest / Hungary to be closer to our family and for my daughter to enjoy the presence of the grandparrents, I know how much joy I had with mine in my childhood.
It’s been an amazing run guys, I can say in all honesty that in my time here I’ve developed as a person and got to sharpen my skills to a level that I am proud of and all of this because of each and every I have been in contact with these past 2 years. So a big thank you to all of you cheeky people whom I had the pleasure of meeting here. @AndreiBN , @GR1ZZL3R , @Rushbie , @pinki , @dynamo , @CharismaMan@YlarP@XY , @MadAdo , @pirahn , @Iceman , @theMachine , @FreedoM , @Psycho79 , @Ozzyholik , @psrquack just to mention a few.
A special thanks goes to @JeppeL  for being there whenever we needed a helping hand and for being hands down the most chill manager I ever had and most probably ever will have the pleasure of working with. To you my man I can only say thank you and I owe you a night out in crazy Budapest when all of this is over.
Big shoutout to @Leo-Unibet , @Stubbe-Unibet , @Kris-Unibet , @Krists-Unibet , @Patric-Unibet  and @Ken-Unibet  for putting up with me :D and to @ReCorpH I say, my man, I wish you the best of luck. I know you’ll enjoy yourself here.
I’ll soon be registering with a player’s profile, so we will still be able to keep in touch, so with that being said, RayRay out!

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