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Unsubscribing from a thread.


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I get an error page (cant load the page/secure connection failed) when trying to unsubscribing from a thread (been getting alot of emails from the poker free roll thread).

This happens both when trying from the thread itself an when i try to change the settings in my profile to never recive community emails.

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Thank you for reporting this issue!

I've tried replicating it without success, and will investigate further tomorrow.

For now I've unsubscribed you from the poker freeroll thread.

Can you do me a big favor and:
1. Open this link 
2. Post the URL shown in the right side of the page - you can of course also send it to me by PM.

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The link you supplied does not generate a link to share my details. There are instead the option to fill in my name and and my email, and to what email i would like to share the details to. I emailed them to myself and will share them in a PM.

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@Zeus wrote:

I get a "access denied" message when trying to send you PM.

Please follow these steps for an easy fix on sending private messages:


1. Click on your username in order to access your account menu.


2. Click on My Settings.



3. Click the Private Messenger tab.




4. Click Accept if you agree to the Private Messenger Consent Agreement.




5. There might be a small bug at the moment where the page loops, we're working on correcting it, but it will work after accepting the first time and you'll be able to send PMs.



Former Community Manager
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, , I managed to replicate this issue in Firefox v46, and I'll ask the developers to get right on it. For now I'll have to ask you to use another browser, if you wish to unsubscribe to a thread - I know this is not ideal, but we're working on fixing it :)

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

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