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Change if Address and new Account Verification


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When i opened Unibet account, i registered with my old address. I submited my old ID for verification at the time. My ID got verified. My bank statement was rejected for verification at the timeĀ 

Now i want to change the address i registered with when i opened an account with Unibet as i have moved from my old address to a new address. i have tried submitting my new proof of address and new ID for veification , i keep getting verification rejected each time i submit for verification

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Hi @Kinos, welcome to the Community :)
For a new proof of address to be accepted it would need to be issued on your name, would you happen to have an eligible document issued on the new address? Please have a look at the link below specifically at the explanation over what constitutes a Proof of Address and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you fulfill this verification.
Please note that in this case only documents received via post or picked up at the issuing office and are signed and stamped can be accepted.

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