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I placed a bet in place on basketball.


My bet was 4 quarter which my team won the 4th quarter.  


However the bet was settled as a losing bet and it stated it was the whole result after the 4th quarter.. 


That's not what was advertised in okay betting all it say was 4th quarter so my thoughts are I was betting on the team to win the 4th quarter... 


Any ideas what I can do about this thanks in advance. 

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Hi @Marsh8167, welcome to the Community :)

As our members mention, we would be happy to have a closer look at your bet but we do need at least a coupon ID, preferably a screenshot of the bat it's self showing the ID and the details of the bet. This way, our members can have a look as well and try to help and we can contact our provider for you to clarify this.

Thanks for the intervention guys @psrquack, @Brocky.

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I have to admit, I have no clue what you're talking about. Since this does not seem to be related to any bet, you're more than welcome to post your own topic under Off topic section and hopefully members of the Community are able to provide some insights. 🙂

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