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GR1ZZL3R'S Diary Of A Fun Punter


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today is the day success GIF by Denyse

Without realizing it before I decided to start this blog, it's exactly two years ago today since I joined the Unibet community, so feeling inspired by @Stubbe-Unibet  @Brocky  @MadAdo  @Dennis_  @CuteRaven  and too many more to list ( I do read them all ) I've decided to put all my ramblings in one spot. It's mainly going to be the trials of a small stakes player, poker, gambling, casino or anything I find interesting.

An update first just to get the old stuff out of the way, maybe continue with some bits.


575968315_Screenshot(1977).png.8bd618b576c72fa77fb9b21053ca2fb2.pngAs can be seen I've been letting things slide, but they will be my main focus for a while, the cash games are done with for the time being.


237602012_Screenshot(1975).png.45d14138d4c1696f2512fe65aaae1356.pngIsn't it always the case when you decide not to post that your picks come good? Three winners, £9.71 profit. 


1879964317_Screenshot(1979).png.b3e76228c5b75156f1283a8831f3429b.pngI play a bit of roulette now and then, that's not been going too bad lately.

Let's see if I can get inspired enough.


tech technology GIF















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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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There's a lot going on at the moment, and after watching the news almost excusively for the last couple of days, talking it over with my family, being of an age where contracting the virus might be very serious, we took the decision for me to go into self isolation for an unspecified time while things develop. I see that @Stubbe-Unibet is confined to barracks for a couple of weeks, @MoreTBC might be struggling to even start his new job, events are being cancelled all over, and it's worrying times ahead.  I did a late night shop last night, probably stocked up with food and essentials for about 3-4 weeks, I have a back garden to sit out in as the weather slightly improves, if I go stir crazy I may go for late night walks. I don't think passing the time will be a major problem, though things like football and sport in general are cut off I still have all my films and books to go through, and there are already moves to bump up the online promos. I stopped playing cash games last week to catch up on study (and because I was losing again) but I might have to venture back in sooner than I planned, and a proper blog might help to keep me going. 

I've self isolated purely as a precautionary measure, I know normal life is going to be hugely disrupted but I hope things go well for everybody with all the measures being put in place. 

Good Luck all. 👍

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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I am struggling to start my new job. I'm struggling to leave the country at this point but flights permitting I'll be in self isolation in Malta in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
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Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Good luck with that @MoreTBC . I've self isolated purely as a precaution due to age and health but others are already in a far worse situation. It's usually in times of emergency that we see the best in people, (unfortunately sometimes the worst as well) and anyone doing their best to keep things going in whatever way they can is great. Could be your chance to take over the Unibet Empire. 👍 (Keep the rest of the mods on though, please!) 🤣

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Eleven days into self isolation and now Boris has made it official, everyone has to stay at home except for essential shopping, work, exercise or emergencies. Shopping for food is my main problem. I'm registered with Tesco, no delivery slots available till after April 13th, and those aren't showing, Morrison's site is down at the moment, please try later, and everwhere seems the same. I'm soon going to have no alternative but to go out to the local shops.

So to the updates.


I've finally run the €1 UK tickets down so basically leaving the evening €5 UK and €10 UO to play, and I'm not even playing those regularly. I had another go with a €12 cash ticket, that went well for three days then somehow managed to disappear again.A couple of attempts at Banzai have gone well, that really is a matter of gambling or being super patient, I ran up to €7 and €11 after a couple of buy ins then put the brakes on, I'm going to try the new Banzai Bounties tonight.

There are virtually no sports to watch or bet on, the only horseracing is abroad with sometimes very little info on the race cards, so this leaves a big hole in the day. I've watched a mass of YT vids on self improvement, health, fitness and learning techniques, as a result I'm going to attempt to relearn poker from the start. I'm going to assume I'm an absolute beginner and only know the basic hand rankings (probably more true than I like to admit) and start to read pro-actively, taking notes and trying to absorb info properly, rather than just reading as much as I can with no proper understanding, and randomly applying the odd concept here and there without the reason why. I'm probably like the majority of poker start ups that think it's got to be so easy, shove your AA and fold your 72o, but results lately have left me lost, losing and frustrated, so it's time for a complete reboot. Study all this week and start playing on April 1st, ( except tonight's Banzais) new quarter, new beginning, new hopes, newbie.




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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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If there is a time for poker study it´s now. I think everybody here, myself included, has overestimated their own skills at some point or is still continuing to do so. Maybe our subsequent downswings are good afterall in that they force us to look at the facts and realize that we are not the great players we might have thought we are.

A little anecdote: There is a reg at the 25s 5 Max who has a few serious leaks. He is also running like god. As a consequence he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe he is the unlucky one after all, being deceived by the deck to think he is the greatest player in the world and doesn´t need to study anymore?!

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One possible tip for you to improve in poker:

From the past hands/comments that you posted (and especially one hand where you bet big with a top set of pocket AA on a dry flop) I have gotten the impression that you are the sort of player who plays pretty tight and does not bluff much. I was thinking about commenting on that hand earlier but I didn't have the energy at the time.

Personally I think it is quite easy to play against such a strategy. It's does not take long to identify a player who is using such a strategy with reasonable confidence from observing their betting frequencies and seeing one or two showdowns. After that you can expolit them by:

Step 1: Avoid their bets like the plague, unless you already have immunity from the pandemic known as "value hands" by having a monster hand yourself (if you feel like half the time that you get action you are getting coolered, this might be the reason why).

Step 2: Bet relentlessly when they show weakness

Step 3: Profit

So what I am saying is that if you are this sort of player I would work on incorporating more bluffs into your range. And not just one and done flop cbet bluffs (that only goes so far in masking a strategy where you generally don't bluff imo), but I'm talking about all kinds of bluffs including triple barrels sometimes (don't overdo it of course). Even most of the recs (except some of them) aren't half brained zombies that will pay off your bets no matter what, and often they will start folding more to you eventually. And by bluffing more you will win more pots and be much harder to play against. I think this is especially important if/when moving up in stakes.

You can ignore this of course if this does not apply to you :D

@Dennis_So true! I have improved the most with my poker everytime I have had downswings because when I'm doing well I don't feel like studying at all I just want to keep playing. My HU preflop ranges for example improved massively after my big downswing earlier at 25€ SnG HU. And I think you are right, most people are naturally overconfident and think they are better at things that they really are. In some ways it is generally probably a good thing because overconfidence is a great motivator, but it can have pretty bad sides too.


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Thanks for the analysis, I must say you're not far wrong with your assessment of my style. I know this might sound like a bit of a whine but I swear it's true, I am 0lucky as far as cards are concerned, but I absolutely cannot accept that as an excuse for losing, it flies in the face of all logic and has to be put aside for the time being. I could reel off the facts and figures to show this but I'll leave that to other 0unluckier members (if there are actually any 😃) I think the flopped set of Aces was when I was going through the losing of the cash tickets that I was just trying to get over with as quickly as possible, the culmination of yet another horrific run, my mindset was just not in balance at the time. Flopping top set I would more likely check the flop, or small c-bet, and see if villain would bet for me. If there was a check back then I would bet the turn, there are so many passive players that won't build any sort of pot so you cannot rely on them doing it for you. I think a possible problem is my bet frequencies and possibly sizings, wether I vary one or the other or both too much or too little, but I think I'm aware enough not to become too transparent. This among other things is why I'm back to the classroom for a while, you and @Dennis_ are so right about the study. I've reread half a book so far and can't believe how much I don't remember, is it my age or memory or what? :scared: I see that both of you appear to have turned a corner, I hope it continues and fully expect to join you soon on the upward curve. If there's one thing I don't lack it's optimism. What else is there? Maybe study! Or luck! 


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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi @Dennis_  I was just about to start this update, so here goes.

Over three weeks into self isolation now and so far I'm doing well. The biggest problem has been the online shopping, no matter which supermarket or when I log in, there have just been no delivery slots available. Ringing them does no good, immediately in a queue of half an hour or more, I even e-mailed one of them setting out my situation, got an instant automated reply of how busy they are and I will be answered in 7-10 days.

918368041_Screenshot(2311).png.d52cc0fe81a435a30b8ef42593007359.pngI'll just have to be more patient then. :scared:

Happily my daughter has some good friends living near me and they very kindly delivered a big shop yesterday and will continue to do so for the duration. They're actually shopping for 5 people now, it really makes me happy how some people will come good in these situations, it makes me more determined to help more if and when I can. With the pressing basics taken care of I've moved onto bigger projects. Online orders of gardening equipment are now arriving daily, my major plan is to create a featured rockery in the sadly neglected corner of the back yard, about a couple of weeks steady work to keep me busy for an hour or two a day. :atisfied:

Now for the trivia. 

Virtually no poker played for two weeks, just the odd UK sattie, a couple of the mad bounties, and the community league. Two final tables so far in those, first out in each one, and some totally uncalled for recklessness when in good positions in a couple of the others.

1362411467_Screenshot(2317).thumb.png.1730b4e59f1d29e1c124f5ef7a763ba2.pngJust outside the tickets at the moment but a long way to go yet.


I've done a bit of reading and studying so slipped into the €4 cash games the last four days, made the flops required and the double stack for the Moving On Up promo (without losing any buy ins :Thumbsup:) got the €4 cash ticket and will give each new level a go till something bad happens :Teardrop: or I make it through. :Smile: I had 290 Bonus Points left from the last quarter and with the first ten points made bought 3 x €1 MTT tickets so am at ground zero now for points and still around £200 in the account. 

2135185833_Screenshot(2315).png.ef241a9f0188b9c690665f46cbb2ec56.pngAdmittedly a very small sample size but at least its positive.:Cool:

So it's a bit of housework and gardening in the mornings, a cash session in the afternoons following some study, Community League, UK and UO satties in the evenings, and late night sessions on my long neglected second passion, roulette.


I see from the various blogs most are looking positively upwards, let's keep it that way in these uncertain times, stay safe and look after each other. :Thumbsup:



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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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1. If you lend tools out get a signed receipt with a firm return date or penalty clause established.

fail black thumb GIF by Studio Flox


The gardening has not started very well. In fact it hasn't actually started yet, but I feel I have a valid reason. My garden spade and fork, besides a tape measure and a saw, have been in the possession of a neighbour for about 9 months. They were lent out at the time with the understanding there was no rush to return them as I wouldn't require them at least till this Spring. Nineteen days ago he was pottering in his back garden so I mentioned the tools, stating my project intentions as a reason for their return. "No problem, I'll leave them in your porch." Contact free delivery, great. Seven days ago I spied him again in his garden and repeated my intentions of building a rockery, and that my tools would come in handy. The only answer I got was "They're in the back of my shed" as if this explained everything, no commitment as to when they might make an appearance. Plan B is a handwritten note popped through his letterbox tomorrow, explaining the urgency of making rockeries while the sun shines, Summer will be upon us and over before we know it etc etc etc. To be continued. :Teardrop:


Moving On Up 2nd week was completed with a slight loss on the bankroll, I made the double up on the first day but losing about €30 with a very poor start, days 2 3 and 4 pulling the loss back to a reasonable size. I played much longer on this level but lost track of exact figures, still waiting for a basic hand counter. I've started the €4 cash ticket and am slightly up on that.:Smile:

Another ticket for the UK €50 won, but this could be a long while before the schedule returns to normal, unless this is turned into an online event as well. I think I'd wait for the live events to return, that was the whole point of starting. 


Another final table in the Community Poker League but not enough consistency to trouble the leaders yet. In the thirties now but at least when I do make a run its fairly deep,  many still to play yet. :Wonder: 

The studying is slow. :Sad: I know I've nowhere to go but all my micro-stakes books are on my phone, and while sat in the garden mentally planning the rockery, they are unreadable in strong sunlight. Maybe move the study time to the evening! :Wonder:


Not a lot going on really, out in the first round of the Hot Bets yet again and very little else to get excited about. :Waterfall:


This is still going fairly well, a couple of losing sessions but nothing too dramatic.

1148628998_Screenshot(2350).png.231cb63a7a4da5d4487012fd342becf9.png :Veryhappy::Thumbsup:

Nothing over exciting but nothing too bad either, I'm thinking MOU week 3 might be more interesting.

Run Good All. :Thumbsup:




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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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@GR1ZZL3R I think you should write off the gardening items and consider it a lesson learned. There are always exception's but in genera never lend anything to anybody. Instead give to people stuff that you have more than you need and/or don't really use or plan on using in the future, for example you can give sugar or coffee to the neighbours once in a while if they forgot to buy it themselves but if it becomes a habit for them, you should have a serious conversation and say no. Also never lend money unless you a bank. In every scenario there are exception's.

Quote: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, your a jerk and i'm dumb."

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@FreedoM You are quite right about being fooled, I'm one of those perfectly willing to be fooled once but certainly not twice. An hour after posting my last thread I heard the strimmer going next door, it was my neighbour doing the lawn for the elderly lady between us, a nice neighbourly thing to do. I waited till he broke off and engaged him in conversation. Nothing was mentioned about missing tools so I casually said I could start on my garden when he returned my stuff. "No problem, as soon as I've done here," he said. That was over 2 hours ago and I can currently see him stretched out on a lounger. I won't ask again, I think 3 times is enough. I think @Purps could be right.

garden sidewalk GIFIt has so much potential to be a great rock garden If I could only get started.:Wow:

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

So with the next significant milestone, the UOS, about to start it's time for an update.


This has not been a good month. :teardrop: I completed weeks 1 and 2 of the Moving on Up and started week 3 very well.


Three tables of €25 all in profit, a rare enough occurrence at the best of times, but it didn't last long. About 5 minutes after this screen shot, whilst still patting myself on the back and dreaming of cash galore, I managed to lose the whole lot, bang bang bang. Two of them were to standard suckouts, I was all in with the best hand but didn't hold either, the third I lost my temper and shoved with AJ and was called by AK. That was enough for me, I haven't played a cash hand since. 

The UK and UO satties have not been too great either, basically staying about level with the number of tickets, but with having a UK one for the now online version and it being a re-entry I tried to get another last Saturday. Over two hours play and down to the last 11 with 8 tickets on offer, shortish stacked, the usual happened. I shove with AK, called by K4 and a 4 hits. 


The community league hasn't been great either, I'm out early with sheer recklessness when I'm not in the mood to play (shouldn't really register ) or I get close to the bubble and whacked by variance again. Last night's efforts in the UK special and the community league are just becoming standard, so I've no choice but to accept them.



These again were within a minute of each other. :Rofl:

So to the UOS. I've deposited yet again and this time I'm determined to play as many of the nanos as I can and the freezeouts in the low, just for practice with no expectations. A busy night ( for me ) tonight, the community league, the UOS and I have to use a date sensitive  UK €5 and a UO €10 ticket. Seven tourneys in one night, thats a weeks play in my book. I could be a gibbering wreck by the end of the day. :Scared:

I've been studying the micro stakes cash and to be honest I'm still not sure where or if I'm going wrong. I've picked out some definite weak spots and a tendency to stay too long in a hand where I've no business being, but apart from that I'm still putting it down to variance. I'll carry on for a while at 5-10c, 20 buy ins or bust. :Scared:


Very little action on this section, made 3 days last week on the Daily hot bets but out as is more usual out on day 1 this week. I came a very surprising 9th on the E-sports competition, definitely more luck than judgement but very welcome anyway.


This has been taking up a lot of my time lately and the results are keeping me going. I've had a couple of bad days but managed not to blow up and kept it going. I've switched the main focus of my attack in the last few days after a fair bit of testing, and so far so good.


Total invested for the month is £994.60 with a profit of £148.50, a plus of 14.93%.. but over the last few days since I've concentrated my efforts on one particular method of attack i gained a very healthy £106 from £146, a huge return of 72.60%. I intend pursuing this much deeper as long as the br holds up.:Rofl:


Some progress has been made on the rockery project, the area has been cleared of the dead tree and weeds, but I've hit a couple of snags.



The paving laid down a couple of years ago has become a little grimy, my fault for not keeping up with it.


My neighbour ( the one that likes to borrow ) has said he'll come round and power spray it clean before I lay the weed membrane so that it's not covered by all the dirt. That was 11 days ago. A gentle reminder last Monday got the explanation that his friend had borrowed the power washer and not returned it yet. I replied it was a bit of a deja vu moment but that seemed to pass him by. The next problem involves sourcing some nice rocks and stones. My intention was to visit somewhere like Scarborough or Robin Hood's Bay and pick a few choice pieces out, but apparently that is now frowned on. Just by looking on a few sites I'm guessing two to three hundred pounds just for the basics, so that project has slowed down and is on hold. If you've any spare boulders or rocks lying around I'll try to get rid of them for you.:Rofl:

Meanwhile I tidied up the front, but that is very short of flowers, so that might be my next mini project.



Join me again soon for more ramblings from GR33N F1NG3R3D GR1ZZL3R, meanwhile enjoy the UOS and run good. :Rofl::Thumbsup:








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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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Thanks @Dennis_ 

Someone somewhere must be running good, just no one I know. 

The tens continue to be trappy.




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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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Meanwhile, first spin on the other site......................................


I'll sleep while tonight despite my traumatic poker tournament attempts. 🤣

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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Twenty two minutes, 13 spins, £23 profit.



Thirty five minutes, 25 spins, £11 profit.


Sessions:   3

Time:    1:32

Spins:      47

Profit:   £51


Sessions:   3

Time:    0:24

Spins:      29

Profit:    £78



Sessions:  6

Time:    1:56

Spins:     76

Profit:  £129






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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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The UK online version came and went, not with a bang but a whimper.

Hand 1.


Utg raised 2 bb, I called and 1 other caller.

Flop, villain 1 checked, I bet 3bb, villain 2 called, villain 1 folded.

Turn, I bet 6 1/2 bb, villain 2 folded.


Where did it all go wrong? :Rofl:

I was so hyped up when I actually won a live event package, and was so looking forward to the action, but worldwide events took over and the event was moved online. I shouldn't have played it, I've made it clear I'm not a big fan of online tourneys, but had to take the opportunity not knowing when live events will return. A disappointing finish to my original Manchester or Bust, but I still have plenty of tickets left, and will save any packages won for actual live events whenever or wherever they take place.


To be honest I thought qualifying for a €100 ticket in the Community Poker League would not be too difficult, 24 paid out so plenty of chances there. It's not proving that way, I just seem to keep hitting that brick wall when it gets to the showdowns. After last nights effort in the UK I thought about packing it in as I wouldn't really fancy another online mtt, but giving up when the going gets tough is far too easy, so I'll carry on regardless, still 8 to play so plenty more points up for grabs.

I haven't played cash at all the past few weeks, I've just no motivation to do so. I have a €6 ticket from the points rewards so will play that out, probably ten or so hands before I lose my patience.

Because I like the pace of the satties and used to love the Double Your Money I've started playing those again on 2 other sites, so far so good, but I'll never get rich on them. £1 entry and £0.10 fee, if you win it's £2 back, my maths tells me £2 is not double £1.10. :Wonder:  I think I'll start the 5 man SnGs again and see how long I'll stick at those before my next rant.


Nothing doing.


This continues to provide a bit of entertainment and so far some good profit.


Ten straight days of winning on both sites but a couple of sticky patches took a while to overcome. After struggling for a while on Thursday I rechecked my figures and tweaked my strategy, things settled down to a more consistent run. I've been thinking for a couple of days about going for a second win each time, the trouble is when I hit profit my natural wimp factor kicks in and I chicken out. It's now time to ramp up the sessions and go for more. You can do all the testing in the world but you can never know the limits till you really start to push them. Boom or Bust, here we come.:Scared:




Five  22.5k bags of pebbles doesn't go very far. This project is now slowing down until I can source some bigger and better rocks. :Teardrop:



One decent sized boulder could be enough.

That's enough for now, Run Good All. :Smile:




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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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