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Impossible to verify the account

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I do not recommend anyone to deposit on this site.

I have sent all the required documents and despite this it is impossible to be verified.

Every day unibet support lied to me in chat, they simply say to come back tomorrow, next week and so on.

I always record the screen, so I can edit a video that I can upload on youtube and on my twitch channel.

Luckily I was cheated for only 300 euros.

All I can do is to contact MGA, maybe they will solve this.

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Hey @ANDVZL and welcome to the Community!

Lets set a few things straight first. You had proof of address document requested on your account on 27th of February at 4:17pm. You then uploaded the document the next day just after 2:16pm. The reason why you are told to come back the next day is because the normal guidetimes of document handling has not even passed. You have also not been cheated out of anything, your money on the account has been on the account, you have been able to play the games you want and not play the games you don't want. The only thing that was blocked during the verification time is the option to withdraw. 

And now, roughly an hour after you have posted here claiming that you have been cheated or you've been lied to, the document that was requested has been verified.

It is well within your rights as a player to lodge a complaint with the regulatory body.

Please let me know if you need something else and we can possibly make a difference.

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I kindly invite you to read my chats with the live support. Especially the last one.

If you do not access to my last chats I can send you a copy,

Then you will understund my frustation. 

Have a nice day.

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@ANDVZL, yes please, if you could PM me the copies of the chats. 

I will look through them and give feedback to the agents involved. But no matter what was said, claiming that you were cheated out of 300 euros is nowhere close to being the truth. 

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