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Mini game chit chat


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Hi guys, 

I wanted to have a quick chit chat about bingo minigames; 

1) Our most favorite minigame is Blender Blast. Have you ever played it? What do you like about it? 


2) What is your favorite minigame? Why do you like it? 

3) Have you tried our newest minigame - London Nights? 


Hope you can spare a few moments for answering 😃



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  • 2 months later...

 I have played Blender blast but  not won big at all .however I have seen other people win 200 times there bet in blender blast in flash on laptop .however  we don't get to see the same if playing from Mobile device. It is seen in desktop mode.

bout my favourite mini game is joker cause it can go to super mode and get free spins and give good amount of  prices I have won 300 times the bet

also I love to play purrfect candy all the time cause it give u free spins or some or the other rewards 

bour London nights played ten to fifteen rounds only seems like a good game but have to explore more



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