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Hi Guys,

I can see the site can be visited using a VPN, but is Unibet OK with users withdrewing using VPN from a country IP that does not match with the bank transfer that let say points out to a bank in a different country?

What would be the recommendations if VPN is being used? To always connect to the same country server and not switch between countries?



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Hi @AlexD, welcome to the Community. :)
Generally speaking, VPN and Proxy's are not allowed due to online security concerns. The Gambling industry is regulated in some cases locally by individual country's and in some cases by the European Union it's self. For example, if a player is not residing in the UK, but uses a UK IP address to register, he won't be able to withdraw to a bank that is not based in that country. There are taxes as well to be paid in most instances so in short, it's best to use the real IP address whenever logging into your Unibet account and when performing any action in it.
Continuing to use the VPN will result in document requests, blocks on the account and overall frustration for the player in most cases as we need to follow the laws imposed over us to the letter. Let me know if there is anything else you would be interested in.


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Hey @Juhlamokka42,

This is sort of a grey area. Technically using a VPN is not prohibited per se, but masking your location is. But if you want to use a local VPN for safer browsing that is not something that we disallow. But please keep in mind that any kind of VPN usage might result in some issues when verifyin an account etc. 

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